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Don’t Invest in a Scam Brokerage Account

Finixio Ai

Name: Finixio Ai

Description: Don’t Invest in a Scam Brokerage Account

Offer price: FREE

Application Category: Trading Bots

Author: Fintech Insight

Account Options

  • It doesn’t have an email address
  • It uses a generic privacy policy
  • It has no live chat
  • No background information about Finixio Ai




  • Simple registration process
  • User-friendly interface


  • No thorough verification process
  • Fake promises on winning big in the trading market
  • No successful withdrawal profits
  • Huge commission charges

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The crypto world is hit daily by scams, from bogus websites to those phishing scams. An unscrupulous scammer needs to have personal information to scam unsuspecting people out of their hard-earned money. Therefore, traders must be extra vigilant in their trading endeavors.

A few quacks on the industry should never deter you from meeting your cryptocurrency destiny. To be in a better position to evade scams, you must be able to identify the red flags on a particular trading platform. Finixio Ai is a good scam account to pick apart, as it has tons of red flags that indicate a scam account. Read on to discover what to expect from this trading account.

What Is a Finixio Ai Trading Account?

This is a brokerage trading platform that offers users market trends and strategies that help them improve their trading skills. It may look like a legit account for trade, but it is not. Finixio Ai promises many high returns on investments, which is the first red flag traders should be skeptical of with this trading platform. 

Additionally, the brokers behind Finixio Ai are not regulated – meaning that you may be partnering with scammers out here to rip you off. This is a huge red flag that should never be ignored. Plus, there’s no real background information about the trading account and its owners on the internet. 

Many questionable aspects show that Finixio Ai is not as straightforward as you might like it to be. Let’s delve into its structure to be in a position to determine and weed out all indicators of scam accounts.

Finixio Ai Registration Process 

Finixio Ai registration process is swift and easy. You’ll only need to follow two major steps, they include:

Account Opening 

A user will visit the Finixio Ai website and fill in the required field to sign up for the platform. You’ll fill in your name, email address, and phone number.

Password Creation

Once you hit the register button, you’ll be redirected to an area on the platform where you’ll be required to curate a password for your trading account. The password you create must be a strong one.

Explore and Trade

After creating your password, Finixio Ai will allow you to access the platform. Here, you’ll start to familiarize yourself with the platform, and when you feel ready to trade, you jump quickly on the live trade. There’s no demo account for practice. 

A demo account is a replica of a live trading account. It already puts traders on light as they cannot practice sharpening their craft. Traders can easily make mistakes that would cost them huge amounts of money.

Commissions and Fees 

Once you’ve made considerable profits on some transactions on Finixio Ai, the platform will start acting funny. All along, Finixio Ai had not shown any indication of making commission charges on profits. Out of the blue, the platform tells you that it’s cutting down the profits to charge commissions. 

It also adds additional chargeable things like taxes, which were not initially reiterated. This is one of the ways through which Finixio Ai reaps people out of their money. A legit trading partner will be upfront about this, plus such platforms can outline how the calculations are made. Finixio Ai scam has no transparency and, therefore, should be evaded at all costs.

Withdrawal Process 

Throughout this process, Finixio Ai may appear legit until you start asking for profits you’ve made on the platform. If you make a withdrawal request on Finixio Ai, it will start giving you excuses like you need to pay additional taxes to access your earned profits. The process can drag out for a long time until you give up on your money.

In other cases, the Finixio Ai scam will limit user accessibility after a user makes a withdrawal request. The value of your profits may start to decrease when you continue trading, as you’ll notice you’ve started to have too many failed trades. Finixio Ai will encourage you to continue investing to increase your trade volume. If you can’t withdraw funds you’ve invested on a trading platform, that’s one big indicator that you’ve partnered with a scammer account. 

Is Finixio Ai a Scam?

Finixio Ai is definitely a scam. A few indicators put Finixio Ai on the negative spectrum. The trading platform raves about how its trading platform will ensure successful trades. However, trading platforms can’t trade with 100% certainty, but the platform allows you to trade on the cryptocurrency market with your fund and by yourself. 

Trading platforms will give you a direction for trade but will not exercise patience, knowledge, and strategies. The platforms act in a supportive role while you take leadership roles. Here’s a list of indicators showing how Finixio Ai is a scam:

False Promises 

The platform gives false promises in a bid to lure traders into the Finixio Ai scam. Finixio Ai encourages users to invest with the platform as they’ll have an opportunity to make a higher percentage of investment returns on every trade. This is impossible because the market is unpredictable, and you can’t tell what will happen next.

Additionally, there is no evidence to back Finixio Ai claims. No testimonials highlight previous traders from the platform who benefited from Finixio Ai. There’s a lot of technical blabbering but no tangible evidence showing exactly how this platform will help you as a trader. A legitimate trading account usually warns traders of potential risks emanating from the online trading market.

No Thorough Verification Process 

Most legit trading accounts usually have a thorough identification process that allows them to determine whether or not users are giving out the correct details about them – with some having email confirmation that gives such platforms the right to verify user identity. Others may even ask for a copy of a user ID card that shows a clear picture just to confirm the identity.

These platforms do this in a bid to ensure their platform is secure. Finixio Ai misses this important step, making it a scam. Additionally, it has not compiled with various online regulations that try to foster higher trading security. You don’t want a situation where you’re worried about your trades, personal data, and money safety. It’s certainly not an excellent way to trade.

Moreover, it does not have verifications upon request. Let’s say a user wants to access their account using the platform. A legit trading brokerage platform will ensure it sends out a verification code to you first via email to see if it’s really you who wants to have access to your account. Finixio Ai has no such verification methods in place. This means your account is at risk of getting accessed easily by anyone who can determine your password.

Safeguard Yourself from the Finixio Ai Scam

Now that you know Finixio Ai is a scam. How will you protect yourself from such scams? Easy, don’t invest on the platform; but if you’ve already invested on the platform, there’s nothing you can do. Just count your losses and leave a negative review on its website to ensure that other traders know about this scammer trading platform.

Before you settle on any trading platform that assures you of improving trading skills, it’s imperative to conduct extensive research to put you in the best position to find a legitimate trading platform. Due diligence is a must if, at all, you wish to find the right trading platform or brokerage account that meets your needs.


With the above list of red flags, there’s no doubt that Finixio Ai is a scam. It may appear to be an alright account to trade in at first glance, but it’s not. Traders must be very wary of it and shun from investing in such a platform. 

Finixio Ai will give false profit promises just to lure traders into the Finixio Ai scam. It encourages investors and traders to start big on their trades because it guarantees maximum profits from its well-thought-out trading strategies. It’s important to note that this is a volatile market, which means that anything can happen at any second. Therefore, nobody can accurately predict successful trades every time. Be wary of trading accounts that say otherwise, including Finixio Ai.

Additionally, Finixio Ai has a generic privacy policy. No legit trading brokerage account can do this. Content from the policy is duplicated from other privacy policies on the internet. Agreeing to the terms and conditions of such a generic privacy policy is equally bad. Therefore, traders must protect themselves from scam trading platforms and brokerage accounts at all costs.

Finixio Ai also has no customer support. There’s no way to get notifications about related trades or any technical issues the platform may have. When you don’t have much information, you’re vulnerable to making mistakes in your transactions, leading to losses and other errors. Lack of customer support service makes trading feel like you’re in this alone.

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