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The crypto market is starting to recover at the beginning of 2023 after a year-long bear run and the recent collapse of FTX, which brings hope back to investors. That being said, many people are looking to hop onto the market before it is too late.

To get the best deals on cryptocurrency right now, traders must pick a reputable online crypto broker with competitive terms, valuable features, and overall customer-orientated service. One such platform is AvaTrade, which we will analyze in detail, taking a closer look at its key features and products to determine if this is the best crypto broker for 2023.

What is an Online Crypto Broker?

Crypto trading brokers make investors’ life much easier, making the whole investing process clear and effortless. Online brokers offer innovative platforms that provide all the crypto trading features one needs.

On these platforms, investors can trade cryptocurrencies and many other digital assets like CFDs, stocks, bonds, forex, pairs, and more. Everything is stored on these platforms, and investors can access numerous trading tools for analysis, trading, and crypto signals. One platform that provides many valuable features and tools in one place is AvaTrade, and we will touch on its strong sides later in the article.

Key Features of Crypto Brokers

The first question that investors ask is what are the main things one needs to consider when choosing an online trading platform for their crypto trading. Everyone has a different investment strategy and needs. However, here are the main features that traders should be looking for when choosing a high-quality broker:

  • Platforms & Tools – Brokerage platforms like WebTrader, MetaTrader 4, etc., are essential for making the process more enjoyable and possibly more profitable.
  • Deposits & Withdrawals – A variety of payment methods and the fast processing of transactions is a crucial characteristic that needs to be present in trading platforms.
  • Education & Learning resources – The availability of learning resources may benefit beginner traders and those looking to expand their skills and knowledge.
  • Regulatory Compliance & Security – Following compliance and security standards and regulations is mandatory to protect the customer’s data and funds.
  • Mobile Trading – Many online brokers offer innovative apps that help traders conveniently make deals.

Overview of the Top 5 Online Brokers – AvaTrade Comparison

AvaTradeeToroBinanceSaxo BankSwissquote
Brokerage FeesNo commission
No broker
0.1% fee
start from 0.05%
No fees;
there is a charge
of 0.85
Types of Accounts OfferedStandard(
Supported AssetsCFDs
Stocks Commodities
CryptoIndices Options
Mutual Funds
Crypto and
Crypto-asset products
Overall Ratings4.8★4.1★4.4★4.8★4.5★

In-Depth Review of AvaTrade for 2023

AvaTrade is a global CFD broker from Dublin, Ireland, founded in 2006 that has many innovative and convenient features to offer. AvaTrade has 300 000+ users worldwide, and the reasons behind the giant and loyal fanbase behind the project are the platform’s long history, safety, and built trust. Furthermore, the platform has accumulated numerous awards throughout the years, including Investingoal’s Best Broker Awards.

To confirm the quality of its services, traders can find positive client AvaTrade reviews on the platform’s official website, which shows that traders are in good company! In the following sections of our article, we will closely examine AvaTade’s key features to help you determine if you should invest in or avoid this broker.

AvaTrade Account Types

Regarding various trading accounts, AvaTrade covers you, as the broker probably offers an account that matches your personal investment needs. For the individual trader, having the ability to pick different versions means that they will have more flexibility and room to grow, which is the case with AvaTrade’s offerings, which have helpful upgrade options. Below you can find all the AvaTrade account types from which you can choose:

Standard Account (Retail Account)

The standard AvaTrade account is best for beginner traders and more experienced ones who still do not need to start investing full-time. The standard package will allow traders to invest in numerous markets and asset types and the availability to trade with advanced features like AvaTrade mt4 and more. Everyone has access to a demo account for the first 21 days before an AvaTrade minimum deposit of 100$ will be requested to proceed with live trading.

Professional Trading Account

More advanced traders can opt for a professional trading account, which offers beneficial bonuses for long and short-term investing. To qualify for a professional account, traders need to meet the following requirements: Sufficient trading activity in the past 12 months, experience in the financial services sector, and an investment portfolio of at least 500,000$. Investors with such an account will get leverage up to 1:4000 and reduced fixed spreads on forex from 0.6 pips.

Islamic Account

AvaTrade offers an Islamic account developed around religious laws prohibiting activities like interest and speculation for Muslim traders who wish to abide by Islamic finance principles. Besides having no swap fee on commission and other specifications, the Islamic account is similar to the retail version and requires an AvaTrade minimum deposit of 100$ to start trading.

Apart from the AvaTrade mentioned above account types, traders will be presented with three trading platform options to the new traders: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or AvaOptions. Everybody will be guided through the benefits and features of each option to determine the best one based on one’s needs and investment strategy.

How to Register for a Standard Account in AvaTrade – A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

To register for an AvaTrade real account, follow the simple steps outlined below, and you will be able to start trading in less than 10 minutes:

Step 1: Fill Out the Short Form with your Details

Traders must fill out a short form including AvaTrade login information, personal data, account type, main currency, and a short trading survey. After the new clients upload a document for proof of identity & address and their account is verified, they can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Fund your Account

To start live trading, you must make an AvaTrade minimum deposit of 100$. Clients can choose from various convenient payment methods, including credit cards, wire transfers, etc.

Step 3: Start Trading

After everything is set and your account is verified, you can start live trading by choosing out of over 1500 assets to trade. The platform’s knowledge base offers many valuable resources for even more successful trades.

AvaTrade Supported Assets and Investment Options

The online crypto broker is known for offering a world-class trading experience by empowering investors to choose from various digital assets. From CFDs of FX, Stocks, and Commodities to Crypto, Indices, and Options, AvaTrade has it all.

Forex Trading

Gain access to the biggest market in the world today with high levels of liquidity just by opening an account with the regulated broker. You can trade currency pairs like Euro against US dollar (EUR-USD) with a leverage of 400:1 and a margin of just 0.25%.

CFD and Stocks Trading

If you do not have access to funds but still want to get involved in the market, then CFD trading may be the best option. This financial instrument will help you trade an underlying index without owning it. AvaTrade will enhance your experience by offering various CFD instruments to pick from.
In terms of stocks, the platform helps you invest in the world’s top companies with a 0% commission. Invest in giants like Alibaba, Amazon, Bank of America, and many more with leverage 5:1, 20% margin, and a competitive spread of 0.13%.


Cryptocurrencies can bring high returns, especially with a granted access to the most profitable projects in the industry. The most convenient feature of AvaTrade is that clients can choose from a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to trade directly through the platform without creating a separate crypto wallet. You can start investing in crypto through AvaTrade today by making a small deposit of just 100$.

Tools Offered by AvaTrade

To enhance its user experience, the online broker offers an arsenal of helpful trading instruments. Improve your trading performance and risk management and get greater flexibility with the help of the most popular AvaTrade trading tools:

Trading Calculator

The AvaTrade CFD and Forex calculator is a convenient tool that helps you save time, manage risk, and determine the costs and outcome of your trades. This innovative tool enables you to calculate margins, profit and loss, swap values, and pip values in a matter of seconds.

AvaProtect – Risk Management Tool

The platform refers to its innovative tool AvaProtect as the future in risk management, which essentially allows traders to get money back on losing trades. The instrument is incorporated into the mobile platform AvaTradeGo. With just one click, investors can protect a selected deal against losses of up to 1 million dollars over a certain period.


Learn more about the crypto niche and improve your trading performance by engaging in social trading and following the industry leaders with the help of the social trading app – AvaSocial. The innovative copy trading feature allows traders to completely copy the portfolio of a successful crypto broker, which may be a valuable time-saving approach.

Avatrade Research Resources

The platform has a knowledge base with plenty of accurate data and valuable information to become a better trader and make informed deals. The AvaTrade Education Center provides free educational resources, including tutorials, strategies, rules, and more, which are divided into levels for beginner to advanced traders. Learn about topics like Position Trading, Backtesting Trading Strategies, Portfolio Composition, and many more in one place for free.

Market Analysis

Moreover, the platform offers materials on market analysis, including technical and fundamental analysis, two contrasting methods used to assess the value of digital assets like stocks and crypto. By learning more about these valuable strategies through AvaTrade, investors may see significant results in their long and short-term deals.

AvaTrade Fees & Charges

In the table below, you can find all the AvaTrade fees & charges that the platform charges. Remember that like other online crypto platforms, Avatrade is compensated for its services by incorporating Buy/Sell Spreads, which traders pay when they open a position.

New Account Fee$100 Minimum Deposit
Deposit & Withdrawal FeeNone
Inactivity Fee$50 Fee After 3 Months of Inactivity
Administration Fee$100 Fee After 12 Months of Inactivity

AvaTradeGo – Mobile App that Helps you Trade on the Go

The online brokers support mobile trading through their innovative mobile app – AvaTradeGo. The application has a 4.4 review score on Google Play and App Store and has been determined to be the best forex trading app for 2020. Incorporating the useful WebTrader, AvaSocial, and AvaOptions tools in one place, AvaTradeGo offers everything a trader needs in one place. Customers have access to all the desktop features and the variety of digital assets offered through the user-friendly interface of the mobile app.

Customer Support Team Of Avatrade

The online broker offers support through flexible communication channels, including Email, LiveChat, Phone, and WhatsApp. AvaGuide, the platform’s chatbot, is also helpful and extremely accurate. The agents in the team are friendly professionals in the crypto niche who are incredibly informative and will be happy to help clients with their inquiries anytime.

AvaTrade Online Crypto Broker Review Summary

To summarize our AvaTrade Review, we have found that the platform offers important features like various tradable assets, social trading, helpful learning resources, and many more. The fees that the broker requires are one of the most competitive in the industry and contribute to the overall excellent trading conditions. The crypto broker states that 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with the provider, which is a relatively high number compared to other tools. For traders who still need to make up their final considerations, take a quick look at the platform’s strong and weak sides.

AvaTrade Review: Pros and Cons


  • Wide selection of assets to trade
  • Useful trading tools and educational materials
  • Competitive fees and charges
  • Great client reviews and many awards
  • Complying with worldwide safety requirements and standards


  • High inactivity fee
  • Percentage of traders that lose money while trading with the provider is somewhat high
  • Customer support team may take time to reply

AvaTrade Review – Our Conclusion

Our AvaTrade review found that this online broker has excellent conditions for trading various digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, CFDs, stocks, and more. The registration process for opening an AvaTrade real account is easy, and new customers can start live trading by making a minimum deposit of just 100$. Customers can rest assured that their data and funds are safe with AvaTrade, as the broker follows all regulatory safety standards by the Central Bank of Ireland, CySEC, and other worldwide regulatory institutions.

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