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The rising costs of living coupled with job uncertainty in a post pandemic world does raise questions about reliable investment avenues.

We all wish to avoid potential Ponzi schemes that place our savings, data and even mental sanity at risk.

This is where we would like to introduce you to Tixee, a brokerage platform that aims to stay true to the market.

Tixee is an online trading platform with clients active in more than 115 countries. Providing clients with more than five trading platform options and over 220 plus CFD assets, Tixee is home to 155,000 registered clients.

Is Tixee.com Legit?

When we delve deeper into our research and analysis about the legitimacy of a particular broker, we ensure that we verify one thing: Regulation.

If you are choosing to start your journey with an unregulated broker, that’s a big no. because, in event of default, you have no chance of ever getting your money back. Even worse, the broker might not even have a trading license! In other words, if you are a victim of a sham broker, 99% chances are, they are unregulated.

Tixee.com offers legitimacy by being registered with not one but three different regulators!

GVD Korimcy Ltd, Pipbull Ltd and GVT Korimza (PTY) Ltd have one trading name: Tixee. 

Tixee And Trading Account Types

Tixee understands that every client has different, personal trading needs. Not everyone can afford a high upfront investment. Also, not every client is experienced in the trading world. Hence, Tixee has invested in four different types of trading accounts. These are:

Account TypeEntryStandardPremiumVIP
Spreads1.5 Pips1.2 Pips0.8 Pips0 Pips
Rebate Bonus30%50%70%100%
Stop Out Level10%20%25%30%
Customer Support24 hours a day, 5 days a week

Trading Platforms

Tixee invests in high quality trading platforms for its users. 

There are four options to choose from before settling for a trading platform.

Meta Trader 4Meta Trader 5Simple TraderWeb Trader

A Glimpse of Meta Trader 4

A powerful, analytic and popular Forex trading platform. This platform offers split second auto trading and market exposure mitigation tools. Traders have the ability to trade Forex, Stocks, Indices, Cryptos and commodity CFD’s.

Meta Trader 5

Tixee’s most powerful trading platform yet. Access real time market news and analytical charts to elevate your strategy in this web based platform.

Both platforms (MT4 and MT5) are available on a mobile version for iPhone, iPad and Android. 

Education and Research

Tixee invests in education and research of its clients. A variety of educational tools exist along the lines of:

Trading Central Analysis

Trading central is a top market tool for traders of all skills and experiences. 


  • Integrated completely with MT5 and covers crypto, stocks, indices, metals, energies, commodities.
  • Regular market updates via email
  • Live chart indicators
  • Multilanguage platform
  • Check intraday technical analysis strategies on the client portal. 

Live Market Reports

Tixee offers live coverage of the New York Stock Exchange from professional market reporters. Tixee provides an independent market overview complete with actionable and engaging trade ideas and financial commentary.

Economic Calendar And Financial Market News

Clients have the ability to see what is impacting the market and any upcoming events that may impact their portfolio.

Similarly, financial market news keeps traders abreast with updates and information about any trading data that might help you build your portfolio with ease and manage any market shocks by diversification.

Why Choose Tixee?

Providing you with an award-winning platform, negative balance protection, 24/5 customer service and exclusive education, these are just few reasons to choose Tixee. However, unfortunately, Tixee isn’t available worldwide. In jurisdictions as USA, North Korea, Seychelles and Canada. 

If this excites you, joining Tixee is simple. Just sign up on their website and upload your identification and proof of address documents. Once your account is verified, fund it via debit or credit card or even wire transfer and start trading right away. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

Risk Disclaimer

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