The Fintech Insight Guide to Crypto Bot Trading

There are hundreds of millions of financial assets available to traders. The enormousness of the global financial market has inspired many traders to specialize in trading specific assets (e.g. currencies, bonds, ETFs, crypto, etc.). 

Over time, the world has seen traders who are masters of their craft. But remember, “a jack of all trades may be a master of none, but he’s better than a master of one.”

Nevertheless, there are good reasons for specializing. The available data is too big for a single person to process and stay up to date, sanely. However, focusing on one category of financial instruments can create a blind spot for opportunities in other areas of the market. Auto trading robots are a potent solution for that. 

The importance of automated trading robots

When Richard Donchian invented automated trading robots in 1949, the world saw that humans don’t have to keep track of all the data in the market. You don’t need to remember patterns to the granular detail anymore. Most of all, you don’t have to run the risk of insanity. 

Donchian’s invention made financial trading and profitability easier. Once a robot has clear programming instructions, a trader simply needs to supervise the robot. That makes trading various markets and instruments smoother. Unrestricted access to a larger opportunity pool? Voila! 

Automated trading robots in recent times 

Since its invention though, trading robots have evolved into a marvel for the financial world. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of these automated tools circulating the internet. Some are generic and can be customized to trade a wide range of financial instruments. Others are… well… a lot more specific, built to collect and analyze data from a particular market (say, crypto and stock). 

Sadly, however, wherever opportunities for low-effort financial growth lie, the potentials for fraudulence exist. Many robots were also created by software programmers with malicious intentions. These tools are used for several purposes, all with unannounced potentials to harm the users.

What do we do?

Fintech Insight is committed to keeping its loyal readers informed about the genuineness, efficiency, and effectiveness of the latest auto trading robots. We do this by:

  • Testing each automated trading software
  • Analyzing the programming code to ensure there is no phishing
  • Confirming the efficiency and cost of using the program over an extended period
  • Writing elaborates and unbiased trading robot reviews for our readers. 

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