Sberbank rolls out new mobile app for investors

Sberbank rolls out new mobile app for investors

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Sber has launched a new mobile app for retail investors called SberInvestor, replacing the Sberbank Investor product.

Contemporary user experience trends were used to design the new app, ensuring that it is convenient to use and works efficiently.

SberInvestor has been updated to include the opportunities presented by Sber’s technical platform: e.g., single sign-on authentication and integration with e-banking and the mobile chat. Sber also took its clients’ wishes into account. The app’s technical characteristics mean that Sber can implement new releases and adapt the app to client requests more frequently than the previous version allowed.

Clients will have access to their usual investment tools, while the list of tools available will also expand rapidly in order to cater to all categories of investors and issuers.

An adaptive interface. Users can customize the app’s graphic interface according to their personal tastes. When registering, clients choose their level of investing experience, the items that will be featured in their portfolio, and training material.

Sign in using Sber ID. Users can register using their Sber ID, a single sign-on login and password for all of Sber’s banking products, meaning they will not need to input their contract number every time they log in to the app and allowing them to quickly open Sberbank Online and transfer funds to their account without requiring additional authentication.

Tips and information. Clients can activate push notifications to monitor prices. There are pop-up tips to help newbies. The app shows transaction fees and the client’s transaction history.

Training and a research-marketplace. An accessible textbook on the main stock market tools and analytical reviews compiled by SberCIB specialists and other experts are integrated into the app.

24/7 chat support. Chat operators will help clients solve any issues.

The app will be available for download in the App Store starting from May and will be uploaded to Google Play shortly afterwards. The previous version of the app – Sberbank Investor – is still functional for the time being.

We are pleased to present SberInvestor, the new mobile app for investing in financial markets. We endeavored to take into account all of our clients’ wishes and best practices in the field when developing the app. SberInvestor is not just a convenient tool for active financial market trading – we place an emphasis on education: users can develop a greater understanding of investing by reading articles and watching clips without leaving the app. SberInvestor will also publish reviews by SberCIB, one of the best analytical teams on the market, as well as by other leading experts. The new interface will help clients save time: they can execute securities transactions based on analytical reviews in one click and take advantage of a set of ready-made products of all levels that allow for market conditions. In the future we will make SberInvestor even more convenient and functional.

Vladimir Yarovoy

Acting Director, Global Markets, Sberbank

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