TwinStar Credit Union to deploy Posh chatbot

TwinStar Credit Union to deploy Posh chatbot

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Posh Technologies today announced that it has partnered with Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service, to provide TwinStar Credit Union with the ability to better serve their members in a digital world.

Washington-based TwinStar Credit Union, a $1.8 billion asset institution with more than 135,000 members, is introducing a seamless digital chat experience with both automated and live member support. The credit union plans to leverage Posh’s chatbot on their website and mobile app to respond to member inquiries about branch hours, ATM locations, routing numbers, and much more. When more difficult inquiries occur, Posh’s chatbot will seamlessly transfer interactions to contact center representatives through Glia’s live chat. This handoff will enable the credit union to significantly boost efficiencies while also streamlining and enhancing member service.

“We are thrilled to offer this great service to our members,” says Scott Daukas, chief strategy officer at TwinStar. “We are providing faster and better service to our members in a multitude of ways.”

Through leveraging Posh’s chatbot, TwinStar will be able to automate responding to member questions which will allow their contact center representatives to focus on more complex and urgent inquiries. Since the chatbot will be able to hand-off interactions to live agents, the credit union can ensure more effective member service while also providing members with the choice of communicating through whichever methods they prefer – including messaging, video banking and voice—while guiding them through CoBrowsing. In addition to responding to inquiries, TwinStar also plans to leverage Glia to help members complete transactional functions.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Glia to enhance our Conversational AI and enable our automated chatbots to hand-off to live agents,” says Karan Kashyap, co-founder and CEO at Posh. “Together, we will provide the best possible banking experience to the members of TwinStar Credit Union.”

“The financial institutions that provide customers and members with a strategic blend of human touch and AI will have high retention and acquisition rates,” says Dan Michaeli, co-founder and CEO at Glia. “By partnering with Glia and Posh, TwinStar offers members a seamless support network where no duplication is required. It’s a faster, better member experience that alleviates the frustrations associated with typical support lines. Easy communication with financial support is a cornerstone to service and long-lasting relationships.”

Now that Posh and Glia are successfully implemented on TwinStar’s website, the credit union plans to deploy Posh’s bot on their online banking system and telephony system so that Posh can execute transactions in addition to answering questions.

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