Everything You Should Know About AktienPros [Updated For 2023]


Name: AktienPros

Description: Everything You Should Know About AktienPros [Updated For 2022]

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Crypto brokerage services are an incredibly helpful tool for any trader who wants to build a successful business through crypto. In this AktienPros review, we are going to go through all the fantastic features and benefits you may get when using this app, so you can decide whether this is the right brokerage service for you or not.




  • There are several crypto assets available for you
  • It provides customizable accounts based on the users’ experience
  • You can use trading signals and several other trading tools
  • It features an educational service for new traders
  • The safety protocols are incredibly strong


  • Its minimum deposits are quite large
  • Some resources can’t be used on the mobile app



Crypto brokerage services are an incredibly helpful tool for any trader who wants to build a successful business through crypto. In this AktienPros review, we are going to go through all the fantastic features and benefits you may get when using this app, so you can decide whether this is the right brokerage service for you or not.

What Is AktienPros? 

AktienPros is a groundbreaking trading platform that has become the favorite of several crypto traders worldwide, as it helps them make trades much more efficiently. Therefore, it has earned enough trust to become one of the most popular brokers on the market.

It delivers a fantastic trading experience by providing access to a wide variety of financial markets and assets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and specialize in their desired cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of traders, as it offers several account types that cater to traders with different needs and goals.

Is AktienPros App Safe to Use? 

AktienPros has pretty comprehensive terms of service that explain everything you need to know before using the app. These conditions ensure every user is as safe as possible when using the platform. One of the requirements that need to be met to use the platform is being able to establish a legal bond between you and the brokerage service. This makes it impossible for minors to use the platform.

Moreover, AktienPros discourages anyone who doesn’t have enough financial knowledge from using the platform, as investing in crypto is risky. People are 100% responsible for their actions and may lose money from time to time. In addition, the app has incredibly high-security standards, but the user must always keep their password somewhere safe and not share it with anyone to ensure there’s no way of hacking into their account.

Who Are AktienPros’s Target Traders? 

AktienPros caters to all kinds of traders, as it features seven account options with different features that are meant to meet the needs of each trader. 

You can start with AktienPros’ basic plan, which consists of several training sessions on what trading is and how to grow a successful business. It also teaches you how to properly assess risks and make sure you make good decisions when investing.

However, suppose you already have some experience. In that case, you can buy any of its other plans, which have several advanced features for traders who wish to have more efficient strategies and better portfolio management.

How to Use AktienPros 

Trading in AktienPros is relatively straightforward, but there are certain procedures you must be aware of to properly use your account. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps.

Creating a New Account 

Creating an account with AktienPros is pretty simple, especially if you already know what type of account you want to buy. Moreover, to get started, you must fill out the registration survey, which is going to ask you for some personal data, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and your desired password.

Then, you must activate your account through an introductory call in which an account manager is going to explain all the rules that you must follow when using the platform and all the procedures you must know to start trading adequately.

Fund Your Account 

After opening your account, your next step is to fund it. You can use your credit cards from either Maestro, MasterCard, or Visa and your preferred bank accounts. AktienPros supports several currencies, but in some cases, you may want to fund your account with a currency that’s not available. In that case, you may get charged conversion fees.

Moreover, keep in mind that you can only fund your account using your personal bank accounts, as third-party transactions aren’t accepted. In addition, you can make a minimum deposit of $250, but you are going to get charged a 5% withdrawal fee on each transaction you make.

However, the best part of funding your account is AktienPros’ 100% Forex deposit bonus, which is meant to help you boost your trading business.

Buy Cryptocurrencies 

AktienPros allows you to trade various assets, such as Forex, precious metals, indices, commodities, and energies. However, the most popular type of asset on this platform is cryptocurrencies. AktienPros is open 24/7 for you to trade at any time of the day, and it features several cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, Ripple, Dash, Stellar, etc.

You can even get access to individual training about trading if you don’t feel comfortable creating strategies yet or if you believe that your knowledge level isn’t high enough.

AktienPros Features 

Now that you know the basics of AktienPros, it is time for you to learn more about all the fantastic features it offers. Some of the most popular ones are the following.

Trading Instruments from StockPros 

AktienPros offers several assets for you to invest in, but these assets also need many instruments to be properly managed. Therefore, this platform gives you access to all these instruments you may need to manage your preferred assets and create efficient trading strategies.

Tailored trading accounts 

It doesn’t matter what type of trader you are, as AktienPros has many account types that cater to your specific needs. Its beginners’ accounts are meant to teach you everything you need to know about trading and train you to become a high-performing investor in no time.

Moreover, it also has exclusive VIP trading accounts, which have more specialized features that give better support to experienced traders and help them do their daily trading activities much more efficiently. Finally, it features managed trading accounts, in which a professional team takes charge of all the investments you make in your account.

StockPros Trade Station 

AktienPros developed its own trading station, specifically created to help new investors better understand how to start trading. It allows you to set up all your desired settings with just one click, and its user-friendly interface is perfect for trading on the go through your mobile device.

All you have to do is select your desired cryptocurrency, indicate a stop-loss limit, and start trading.

Trading Tools & Signals 

AktienPros also helps you stay updated with all the news and popular crypto trends. Its several trading tools and signals allow you to identify the most popular financial instruments to choose the right assets to invest in. All you have to do is to speak with your account manager, who’s meant to teach you how to use this fantastic feature and identify your order execution and price alerts.

AktienPros App 

AktienPros is available in both desktop and mobile versions, which allows you to keep an eye on your investments at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the gym, office, or just laying on your couch. AktienPros is going to be there for you, so you can commit 100% to grow your crypto business.

Its mobile interface is highly intuitive, which is fantastic for new traders who still don’t know how to properly use trading apps. However, some of the features are still a bit limited.

AktienPros FAQ’s 

We’ve already gone through most of the important aspects of AktienPros, but you probably still have several questions that need to be answered. If that’s the case, please check out the following section with our most frequently asked questions.

Is AktienPros a Legitimate Broker? 

Yes! After doing thorough research, we came to the conclusion that AktienPros is 100% legitimate, and your investments are entirely safe with it. However, you can always call its customer service team to ask them any questions about the app and make sure everything works the way you want.

Which Currencies Does AktienPros Accept? 

AktienPros accepts EUR, USD, and GBP. However, it can accept more currencies, but you may have to pay conversion fees.

Does It Feature a Training Section? 

Yes. All members of AktienPros can access its training section. They are going to find several instructional videos about everything that a new trader needs to know before starting to invest in crypto or other assets, such as important definitions and how to identify market trends.

Moreover, you can also get individual training from an industry expert. AktienPros aims to make its traders become high-performing investors, so it provides all of these educational features meant to keep its users up to date with everything that happens in the crypto world.

How Is AktienPros’ Customer Service? 

AktienPros aims to create a brokerage platform that focuses on its users and allows them to have peace of mind when trading. It does this by providing aid in managing its users’ accounts and making every step of the trading journey as hassle-free as possible.

Its customer service team is available 24/7 to provide help to any user who needs it. You can reach out to this team at any time through the live chat on AktienPros’ website or by phone or email. You can find its contact info at the bottom of every page of its website.

Our Final Verdict 

AktienPros has fantastic features and options for its users, and its groundbreaking technology has turned it into a top-rated and reliable broker. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of traders, whether they’re new or experienced, and it offers a wide variety of assets to invest in.

Hopefully, this AktienPros review helped you understand more how it can help you boost your trading business. This is one of our favorite brokers, so we highly encourage you to check out AktienPros’ website and sign up today to start growing your crypto business with its incredible trading options and available crypto assets.