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Bitcoin Motion

Name: Bitcoin Motion

Description: Is This a Reliable Trading App? Let's Find Out! 【Updated For 2022】

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Application Category: Trading Bots

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In this Bitcoin Motion review, many components of the platform have been studied. Based on reputable online evaluations, this article helps explain the trading method that powers this platform.




  • Bitcoin Motion offers high-quality tools for cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management that are designed for professionals.
  • This platform is the best choice for beginner traders because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Configuring crypto asset management on this platform is a straightforward process./li>
  • It has a collection of libraries that contain various excellent trading tactics.


  • There is no mobile application for the Bitcoin Motion platform.
  • Bitcoin Motion does not offer any trading strategies, including leverage.

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What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is a cryptocurrency asset management platform that operates online. This asset management software enables customers to connect various exchange accounts together in a single location. Due to the consolidation of multiple accounts into a single interface, the Bitcoin Motion cryptocurrency trading platform offers a smooth asset management solution for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Motion is a trading platform that simplifies the trading experience for its customers. The cryptocurrency exchange platform includes a straightforward, user-friendly interface as well as strong platform security measures.

Bitcoin Motion is intended for beginners, but it may also be used by experienced cryptocurrency traders. For technical analysis and market advancements, it makes it possible to use advanced crypto-currency trading tools. Using the platform’s smart crypto charting software, users may create reports that are based on their own insights about cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management.

Account options:

  • Trade Bot Plugins
  • Support for Crypto-Wallets
  • Unified Dashboard
  • user-friendly interface

Bitcoin Motion: Account creation

The registration process is straightforward and simple to follow.

Creating an account

You must first create an account on the website before you can register as a user. This is the phase where users should input their email address, name, phone number, and the country where they reside. The Bitcoin Motion team verifies the accuracy of this information. Once the user has confirmed their identity, they must create a password and agree to the Bitcoin Motion Terms of Service. Following the confirmation of these details, an online Know Your Customer (KYC) process is initiated. 

The account’s email address, phone number, and crypto-friendly bank account have all been validated and linked to it. This verification email confirms the validity of the user’s email address as well as their ability to access their account.

Configuration of the Account

The user is granted access to his or her account and is free to explore the many possibilities. Users can learn about best practices by clicking the “Begin Setup” option and accepting the security message that appears throughout the setup process. When the user selects “I Understand,” he or she will be able to link their exchange accounts from other platforms to their Bitcoin Motion account.

Choosing the Right Bot

The platform also ensures that registered users have access to bots that have already been configured. These bots can assist account holders with a variety of crypto trading tactics, ranging from Smart Order and Market Makers strategies to Market Makers Plus, MACD, Mean Reversion, Accumulator, and Multi-Level RSI, among other indicators.

Features of Bitcoin Motion

It is necessary to examine the following products and services available on the Bitcoin Motion platform in order to gain an understanding of how they benefit professional traders and new traders.

User Interface

Bitcoin Motion trading interface is straightforward, uncluttered, and simple to use. The dark color scheme is both visually appealing and easy on the eyes. Each of the windows may be customized to your liking and can be rearranged to fit your needs and preferences. There are several different menus available within Bitcoin Motion that can be accessed via the top bar. These include the following: “Trade,” “Bots,” “Dashboard,” “Portfolio, Market, and News,” to name a few.

Once you have linked to an exchange and entered the API code into Bitcoin Motion, you may click on “Trade” and you will be able to start receiving real-time market data directly from the exchanges you have connected to. If you have any questions, please contact us. The account balance for the chosen exchange will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. To purchase or sell cryptocurrency, a simple order-entry form is provided, which provides an estimated conversion and specifies the fees charged by the connected exchanges in order to complete the transaction. There are no additional Bitcoin Motion fees to be concerned about.

Management Services.

Bitcoin Motion has compiled a comprehensive list of its management features and asset allocation capabilities into a single dashboard. This dashboard assists in the management and tracking of cryptocurrency assets. Users can utilize the Bitcoin Motion dashboard to diversify their overall investment and assure good performance while assigning assets to several linked exchanges, all while keeping their costs down. Users can also utilize Bitcoin Motion to add offline wallets and save their whole portfolio under the “Portfolio” tab, which is accessible from the “Account” tab. More data on account management and crypto asset trading can be found in this section, which includes anything from past data on trading pairs to an API key that allows you to place open orders with only a few clicks.

Trading assets

When it comes to crypto bots, the cryptocurrency trading platform offers a large number of official partners to choose from; Bitcoin Motion also provides two-factor verification for its trading services.

It is possible to incorporate charting tools such as TradingView into the trading tab effortlessly. More than 100 technical indicators are included in this website. By providing these drawing tools, Bitcoin Motion makes it simple to transfer between exchanges and their associated trading accounts. Market orders and limit orders that may be swapped between market pairings are similarly simple to set up on the platform.

Automated Trading Terminals (AMT)

Thanks to the integration of a trading bot, Bitcoin Motion is an advanced charting bitcoin trading platform. Bitcoin Motion provides approximately eleven trading bots available to anyone that subscribes to the Pro plan. In addition to trading systems like Grid Trader and RSI, these bots are programmed to work with MACD indicators. The Python programming language is also available on Bitcoin Motion, allowing users to create their own trading methods.


Bitcoin Motion backtesting service is used to evaluate the effectiveness of various trading strategy setups. A historical data set is used to drive Bitcoin Motion backtesting. This information can be found under the “Backtest” tab. An overview of all back tested trading settings, as well as predicted return on investment (ROI) and profit or loss predictions, is shown to the user in this section.

High level of security.

The security methods implemented by Bitcoin Motion are all industry standards and are designed to keep their consumers safe. Bitcoin Motion advocates the use of two-factor authentication on their platform, which they believe is a necessary protection layer for anybody involved in the cryptocurrency sector and should be used by everyone. Bitcoin Motion does not require you to enter your API keys in order to link your exchange accounts. Your access and trading privileges on the Bitcoin Motion platform are restricted to you (and only you) due to the use of these keys. However, in order for the platform to function properly, you simply need to grant trading permission; withdrawal capabilities are not required. The use of this method ensures that hackers will not be able to steal your funds, even in the unlikely event of a Bitcoin Motion security breach.


When it comes to wrapping up this Bitcoin Motion review, we can fairly claim that the company operates on legitimate platforms and is committed to being your primary doorway into the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Motion has unquestionably all of the tools necessary to join the ranks of the most popular crypto exchange platforms and bots, thanks to their attractive and user-friendly design and plenty of other essential features. 

They support all major cryptocurrency exchanges and have more than seven simple but effective bots for trading, as well as account management and charting features that are both convenient and useful. The pricing is also fairly reasonable, particularly when you consider the amount of value you receive. Overall, Bitcoin Motion crypto bot is a name that you will undoubtedly hear more often in the future, and most likely in a positive and applaudable context.

Frequently asked questions

How does Bitcoin Motion operate?

Bitcoin Motion operates as a multi-exchange crypto asset management platform, bringing together a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges into a single platform. This provides you with a comprehensive picture of your cryptocurrency holdings and investments. Accounts on exchanges are linked to Bitcoin Motion through the use of API keys that may be configured to either be “read only” or “read and trade.” Once the account is connected, data from the exchange account, including the balance, transactions, and orders, is automatically synced with the exchange account.

What level of security does the platform provide?

There are a variety of security mechanisms in place at Bitcoin Motion  to protect your accounts from unauthorized access, including the encryption of API keys, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is strongly recommended, and users are encouraged to disable withdrawal permission from exchange APIs as well as to keep non-traded funds off exchanges and in secure hardware wallets.

Which bots do I have the option of choosing from?

To put it another way, bots assist you in automating a trading strategy. A strategy can range from something as simple as purchasing a modest amount of an asset over a period of time to something more complex like grid trading or portfolio rebalancing, and everything in between.

Every account comes with a choice of ready-to-configure bots that may be used to automate a range of marketing and sales activities.

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