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Providing Insights to Traders 【2022】


Name: BitSoft360

Description: Providing Insights to Traders 【2022】

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Application Category: Trading Bots

Author: Fintech Insight

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Here’s a detailed BitSoft360 review and what to expect from it.




  • The trading platform has a friendly software interface that a newbie in the crypto market can easily navigate.
  • It has a demo account that allows users to practice and test their strategies before going into live trading.
  • You have access to educational content that allows you to see the bigger picture of the market.
  • Zero registration and withdrawal fees.


  • It doesn’t have a customer support service.
  • No mobile app option.

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The cryptocurrency industry has sparked a lot of interest from the public with more and more investors delving into the market. This has fostered the increase of brokerage or exchange platforms where traders can buy, sell and exchange crypto with other coins. These platforms have enough information about the trading market that gives users insight to see the bigger picture.

When you opt for a trading bot, you’ll enjoy various benefits, including getting insights that help you become a better trader. Moreover, the platform helps you to trade on the market without emotions. Before selecting a particular trading bot, you’ll need to consider a few factors to be better positioned to find a trading platform that’ll meet your needs.

A good option you can go for is BitSoft360. It’s a trading bot that provides tons of information on market trends and analysis that enable users to get insight which helps them see the bigger picture of trade. 

What Is BitSoft360?

BitSoft360 was created by well-known professional brokers who aimed to provide a trading platform where users can easily access trading information. In this day and age, crypto nerds can fall prey to fake news and rumors about the industry. BitSoft360 helps by providing legitimate information about market trends and analysis.

Therefore, traders can use these insights to see the bigger picture of trade, thereby making them better traders. It also helps you to learn to trade without emotions. Let’s dig in a little deeper on BitSoft360 features and how it works.

Account Options for BitSoft360

  • It has dedicated brokers who can guide you during trading.
  • BitSoft360 has a demo account where traders can practice how to trade while back-testing their trading strategies.
  • The platform has an account minimum that needs to be deposited before you start trading.
  • It has zero registration fees, but you’ll incur commissions on every transaction made on the platform.

How BitSoft360 Works

After its launch, the trading platform instantly became a hit and grew in popularity among traders due to its features. The trading bots work by giving users enough information about the market so that they’re able to see the bigger picture of trade. With the said information at hand, a trader can create a trading strategy that would help your investments in the market.

After you’ve selected the trading strategy, the bot will be on the lookout for you to find other related trades that meet the criteria of your strategy. Moreover, the bot will alert you on the right time to buy or sell crypto. However, the user has the final say. You can either decide to transact at this particular time or not. Let’s look at BitSoft360 features.

Features of BitSoft360

Here are some features you’re bound to expect when you partner with BitSoft360. These features certainly help to trade and invest on the platform quite easily. They include:

Registration Process

Unlike other trading bots with cumbersome registration processes and fees imposed during registration, the BitSoft360 registration process is swift and easy. You’ll not incur any costs while registering on the platform. This has made it easy for people worldwide to have access to it. The registration process involves two important steps, which are:

Open an Account

Users will first visit the BitSoft360 website to register and access the platform. You’ll see a register section requiring you to input registration details. Here, users must give their username, phone number, email address, and password.

Call Verification

Once you’ve hit the register button, a regulated broker from BitSoft360 will immediately call you. This is your account manager and an ally that can help you out during the trading period. The account manager will thank you for registering into the platform and will go ahead and ask you if you want to work with him or continue with the BitSoft360 platform, you may choose the option that best suits your needs.

Once the broker identifies it’s you and determines which way you want to go, he’ll allow you to have access to your account. 

Educational content

The platform has tons of educational content that can help you get a lot of insight concerning trading. This is particularly true for newbie investors. The platform has made sure you have access to the right information to help you see the bigger picture of trade.

Demo Account

BitSoft360 has a demo account that allows newbies to practice and hone their skills. They can weed out any mistakes that can cause them money while trading live. It’s a replica of a live trading platform and uses paper money. Additionally, seasoned traders can come on here and test out their trading strategies to see how they’ll perform in the market. You can shift to the demo account at any moment during trading.

Trading on BitSoft360

Once you’re confident about your trading skills, you can jump to live trading. First, you’ll need to deposit an account minimum to open up the live trading market. It’s imperative for traders to start slow with just the account minimum to alleviate the chances of making huge losses. You can use various payment options to fund your account, including PayPal, credit or debit card, and wire transfer, among others.

Commissions and Fees

BitSoft360 imposes zero fees when it comes to registration. However, there are commissions imposed on every transaction on the platform. The good thing about the BitSoft360 platform is that it will be open about the commissions you’ll incur. A section on the platform outlines how these commissions are derived at. Moreover, the platform informs you about these fees from the on-set so that you may not feel cheated.

Withdrawal Process

It’s obvious that many traders are skeptical about any trading platform due to the many scams that occur and continue to happen in the Bitcoin trading market. Traders usually want to know beforehand if they can withdraw their funds after trading. The good news is that you can do so with BitSoft360.

Moreover, the withdrawal process is easy and swift. Once you request a withdrawal service, BitSoft360 will verify your identity; the funds are directly transferred to your bank account after passing the verification step. 

BitSoft360 Final Verdict 

This is a great option for traders who want to learn as they trade. BitSoft360 has tons of educational materials about the trading market, which help investors gain insights that put them in the best position to trade wisely. This allows traders to make informed decisions that have little to no risk evading the potential online trading risk the Bitcoin market always has.

Once you’ve traded and met the minimum withdrawal threshold you put up while setting up your market position, you’ll withdraw your funds without squabbles. If you’re trying to venture into the crypto market, then BitSoft360 is your great ally – why not register now with BitSoft360 and start trading with wits?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitSoft360 a Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam. BitSoft360 has made strides to ensure the platform is an open book. There are certain indicators that traders look at while trying to find a scam trading platform. These typically include:

  • Outrageous registration fees.
  • False promises of earning a lot of profits in an attempt to lure traders. 
  • No background information about the owners and the platform on the internet.
  • Slow transactions, especially during the withdrawal process.

All these red flags are certainly not found on BitSoft360, which indicates that it’s an excellent option to trade at.

Are Traders at Risk of Losing Money with BitSoft360?

Yes, you can lose money while trading on this platform. BitSoft360 can’t shield you from the crypto market’s volatility and online trading risks. There’s always that chance of losing money. However, BitSoft360 has ensured its traders can make informed trading decisions that evade these online trading risks by providing easy access to educational materials about the market trends and analysis.

Is BitSoft360 a Safe Place to Trade?

BitSoft360 understands that traders already have the pressure that comes from trading. Therefore, they don’t need the added pressure of worrying about their money and information safety. This is why BitSoft360 has put up air-tight security measures that keep internet breaches at bay.  

Moreover, it has a thorough verification process at every trading phase to ensure only authorized people access their accounts, meaning traders can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information and money are safe, making BitSoft360 a safe platform for trade.

Are Traders Supposed to Pay Taxes from Profits?

BitSoft360 will not pay taxes on your behalf; therefore, you must create a plan for paying taxes before you start trading on the platform. It will help alleviate the chances of being on the wrong side of the law.

Risk Disclaimer

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