Tesla Price Analysis

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As of November 25, 2022, the latest Tesla closing stock price is 182.86. For the last 52 weeks, the average Tesla stock price is 280.87. 

The all-time high stock closing price for Tesla was 409.97 on November 4, 2021. Based on the 52-week moving average, the high stock price for Tesla is 402.67, around 120.2% above its current share price. The Tesla 52-week low stock price is about 9.1% below its current share price at 166.19. 

Technical Analysis 

As of November 26, 2022, Tesla has a 537.13 coefficient of variation and a 0.26 Risk Adjusted Performance. The market reflects Tesla’s 182.86 prevalence price per share. The company also has a 0.76 Jensen alpha. 

Tesla shares have reached the third bullish wave’s second target in the monthly chart – the FIB extension of 1.618 at $1085. The shares hit as high as $1243 and began a pullback on the weekly chart. The said pullback reached support, while the FIB retracement of 0.500 at $886 bounced from it. This resumes the bullish trend.

Supposed Tesla shares break below $886; analysts expect a lower price toward the FIB retracement of 0.618 at $812 on the weekly chart. A break below the FIB retracement of 0.618 at $812 will also open an opportunity for a bearish run toward the low at $539.

Tesla shares have key support between $539 and $515. The monthly chart shows a FIB retracement of 0.618 at $515 to $520. 

On the bullish side, Tesla shares will start again with the bullish weekly and monthly waves they break above the previous high at $1243. The weekly bullish wave’s third target is the FIB extension of 2.272 at $1320, while the fourth target is the FIB extension of 2.618 at $1470. The bullish monthly wave’s third target is the FIB extension of 2.272 at $1390, while the fourth target is the FIB extension of 2.618 at $1550. 

Check out the weekly chart below for a better understanding:

Meanwhile, here’s the monthly chart:

Even if there was a price drop that destroyed over half a trillion dollars over the last year, most analysts have been slow to slow their Tesla target prices. They think the company must be worth $290 a share which is around 70% above its current $170 market price. And this indicates the market’s difficulty adjusting to the new reality of higher interest rates. 

High-interests are considered a weakness for tech-driven companies’ share prices. This is particularly true if the companies currently make little money but expect huge future products when their products change the world. And Tesla is the epitome of such companies.

During the pandemic in March 2020, the stock obviously exploded upward after the Fed cut the interest rates to almost zero. When Fed also signaled the start of raising rates to fight inflation, it rose 1300% between late March 2022 and early November 2021. Since then, Tesla shares have collapsed by about 60%, which reflects over $700 billion in market value. 

Analysis Conclusion 

In 2022, Tesla’s stock price dropped to the lowest level as the company fought a number of challenges. The share price plunged to a low of $168. This figure is considered the lowest since November 2020. The TSLA share price has fallen by over 58% from its highest level in 2021. Lucid, Rivian, Mullen Automotive, and other electronic vehicles (EV)stocks also crashed.

However, there are still many reasons why Tesla is a good investment. Aside from having a good market share in the fast-growing EV industry, Tesla has kept its market share. That is despite more similar companies continuously entering the scene.


Is Tesla overvalued?

Many analysts see Tesla as an overvalued company. On the other hand, some analysts justify this valuation due to the company’s unit growth, revenue, and market share. There are also upcoming projects, such as semi and cybertruck.

What is the Tesla market capitalization?

Currently, Tesla has a total of $569 billion market capitalization.

What is Tesla’s share price history?

In 2010, Tesla launched its initial offering to the public. Then, the stock price traded at a $5 split-adjusted rate. Since then, the stock has risen to over 28,000%, which makes the company one of the best market performers. In 2019, it dropped by 56% in a matter of a few months.

What is the Tesla stock price forecast for 2022?

Based on the daily chart, the share price has reached a strong bearish trend. It moved below the key support between $206 and $198. Although the stock continuously falls, a move above the $2000 resistance can invalidate the bearish trend. 

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