Ford Motor Company Price Analysis

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On the last trading day (Friday, November 25, 2022), Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) has a closing price of 14.08. Below is an overview of the stock’s last performance:

  • Market Cap: $56.41 billion 
  • Net Income (ttm): $9.01 billion 
  • Revenue (ttm): $151.74 billion 
  • Shares Out: $4.02 billion 
  • EPS (ttm): 2.24
  • Forward PE: 7.65
  • PE Ratio: 6.29
  • Dividend: 3.55% ($0.50)
  • Volume: 12,949,209
  • Previous Close: 14.03
  • Open: 13.96
  • 52-Week Range: 10.61 to 25.87 
  • Previous Close: 14.03
  • Beta: 1.42
  • Price Target: 15.04 (+6.8%)
  • Analysts: Buy 

Technical Analysis 

During the past week, Ford stock price on a daily timeframe displayed #S-F, Daily, which is below the 200-day moving average after the unsuccessful MA (200) test. Many analysts believe Ford’s bearish movement will resume after the stock market breaches under the Donchian channel’s lower boundary at 13.55.

With this level, the stock can have an entry point to place a pending sell order. Also, the stop loss can be positioned above the Donchian channel’s upper boundary at 14.66. After the order placement, the stop loss can be moved daily to the upcoming fractal high, following the signals of the Parabolic indicator.

Some analysts are changing their estimated profit/loss ratio to the breakeven point. Suppose the stock price meets the 14.66 stop loss level without the need to hit the 13.55 order; they recommend canceling the order. After all, they still believe that the market has been through internal changes.

Ford Motor recalls approximately 519,000 SUVs in the US over fire risks from potentially cracked fuel injectors. This recall covers the Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs with 1.5 liters engines, 3 cylinders, and model year of 2020-2023. 

Over the past month, Ford shares have returned +7.9%. The company is expected to post $0.59 earnings for the current quarter, which represents a +126.9% year-over-year change. The $1.96 consensus earnings estimate for the current fiscal year shows a +23.3% year-over-year change. Over the last month, that estimate showed a -1.1% change.

The $1.81 consensus earnings estimate for the next fiscal year shows a -8% change from what Ford is expected to report in 2021. The estimate has altered to -7.6% over the past month. 

Meanwhile, if you want to know the stock performance of Ford Motor in the past days, check out the table below:

October 27, 202213.0012.7712.4213.2288.42 M
October 28, 202213.2613.0012.9713.3155.78 M
October 29, 202213.3713.1513.1413.5154.68 M
November 01, 202213.4013.5713.15513.64547.45 M
November 02, 202213.0613.21513.0613.6773.67 M
November 03, 202213.2612.8112.7713.4658.78 M
November 04, 202213.5113.5713.2713.7761.49 M
November 07, 202213.7013.6113.3713.7648.18 M
November 08, 202213.7213.7813.5113.8052.73 M
November 09, 202213.3113.5713.2813.7074.20 M
November 10, 202214.1813.6913.6714.3675.64 M
November 11, 202214.5014.2614.2014.66660.19 M
November 14, 202214.0614.2314.0614.3557.69 M
November 15, 202214.3014.2914.2014.5861.84 M
November 16, 202213.9014.1013.8414.16547.48 M
November 17, 202213.9113.6613.5513.9154.32 M
November 18, 202213.9914.0813.820114.1337.10 M
November 21, 202213.9513.8613.6614.039934.09 M
November 22, 202214.0714.04513.983614.1528.74 M
November 23, 202214.0314.0013.8514.0625.97 M
November 25, 202214.0813.9613.9014.1112.98 M

Analysis Conclusion 

The latest Ford Motor closing stock price is 14.08 as of November 25, 2022. The all-time high stock closing time for Ford was 24.40 on 24th January 2022. When it comes to the 52-week high stock price, Ford reached 25.87 or 83.7% above its current share price. The 52-week low stock price is 24% below its current share price at 10.61. As with the average stock price for the past 52 weeks, the price is 15.58.


Is Ford Motor stock a good long-term investment?

Ford Motor is expected to grow over the next five years at a 10.5% CAGR. Many analysts remain highly bullish on Ford’s long-term prospects. They continuously project that Ford will return approximately 15% yearly over the next 10 years.

How high can Ford Motor stock go?

Based on the 2022 to 2025 stock forecast, Ford is considered a hold that could rise as high as $17.77 over the coming year. 

Does Ford stock perform good?

The investment of Ford in electrification helped in pushing shares to 140% in the previous year. As a result, the company has surpassed General Motors in market capitalization for the first time in 5 years.

Should I buy Ford stock in 2022?

With the current environment with charging station expansions and rising fuel prices, Ford becomes one of the top stocks and top EV stock picks for 2022, given the company’s good factor grades. 

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