Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) Price Prediction

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Meta Description: Shiba Inu is one of the second-largest meme coins available. But is it enough to invest in this token? In this article, we try to show fully the existing position of the new digital asset on the market and the future that hold for it.

Shiba Inu (ShIB) is the 2nd biggest meme coin today and an extensively known altcoin in the crypto market. SHIB, as an ecosystem native coin, has a standing for showing high gains during bull markets, leaving investors and traders thinking whether today is the best time to invest and accumulate this token at dirt-cheap prices.

SHIB’s all-time high is in the last quarter of November 2021. The coin surges by more than 600 percent. On the other hand, is the case the same as today? Will this coin regain the spotlight once market response reverses and many investors flood the crypto market? In this guide, we will answer these queries and provide you with a price forecast for Shiba Inu both in the short and long term.

Shiba Inu Historical Brief Price Analysis

The current value of SHIB is $0.000009, and at present, it is number 15 out of all digital coins. The total amount of supply in circulation currently is 549 063,278, 876 300, with a market cap of $4,953,319,871.

The price of this coin has reduced by 1. 95 percent and has suffered a difficult time gaining momentum in the past few days, down by 1.67 percent, displaying bearish signs this week. Today can be the right time to invest if you are planning to buy SHIB.

In the last four weeks, the value of Shiba Inu fell by 14.57 percent, decreasing its previous price of $0.000011 by $0.000002. This existing downtrend means that right now, this coin is in the dip. The value reduced by 23.52% in the last 12 weeks, which eliminates $0.000003 from its earlier value of $0.000012.

Shiba Inu Overview

Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2022

Following the crypto industry turning bearish in 2022, Shiba Inu experienced a considerable decrease in its value. As of November 2022, SHIB has lost almost 74 percent of its price since the first quarter of the year. After renowned cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin were corrected at the start of 2022, other altcoins witnessed bearish momentum. 

At present, SHIB has a trading value of $0.0000090 per coin. Like other tokens, Shiba Inu was affected by the issue that the FTX exchange is experiencing, which has pressured the value down to these numbers. 

The current value of SHIB today for every token is $0.0000090. The coin did well last October 2022, as it increased by almost 28% all through the month. On the other hand, SHIB corrected by 16 percent in the first days of November and was followed by further decreases in price following the fallout of FTX. 

In December 2022, we forecast that the price of this coin could hit the value of $0.000012. Even if the reaction is muted to the adverse setting of the cryptocurrency market, meme coins like this still witness demand driven by many retail traders that could assist push its price point. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction 2023

One important factor that plays into the increase in the price of this coin is its entry into the Metaverse. Developers of this coin announced last January 2022 that they are working on the Shibaverse. This is an immersive metaverse plan for their ecosystem.

There is no enough information regarding the metaverse at this point, but according to our analysis, this is a big factor for this coin.

It is worth noting that the metaverse is a remarkable undertaking, with many companies already entrusting finances towards it. JPMorgan, a big banking institution, has owned land in the metaverse, and according to research, this new idea could be a trillion-dollar market.

With SHIB taking part in this crypto market, we forecast that it will translate to gains for the token. We estimate the price of Shiba Inu in 2023 to reach $0.000040.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction 2025

Looking at our price prediction for SHIB in 2025, we predict the coin challenging the price level of $0.00010. Crypto professionals agree the prices of this coin will increase in the long term, in spite of what takes place in the short term. With SHIB being one of the largest tokens in the crypto market, it is sure to gain from this development.

An additional case is its use in the Shibaverse and integration into Shibswap, which should also make the price even higher. According to our price prediction for 2025, a push to $0.00001 seems possible. But, in case of consolidation in the crypto market, SHIB could experience a go-back over to a much lower price forecast.

Seeking to break from the social media course of survival, the team behind this coin is creating strong use cases to back the growth of its ecosystem. This is visible in its rising business applications for many firms. A current accouchement by Flexa, a renowned fraud-proof payment system, shows the coin decides to break the norm.

The integration of this coin to the Flex Network enables holders and owners of SHIB to spend their coins in over 41,000 locations in Canada and in the US. This way, Shiba Inu can be employed to foster fast transactions. Aside from Flexa, there are other more than 600 companies that have acquired the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Some of the most popular companies, GameStop, GiftChill, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, and several others, are allowing payments using the SHIB tokens.

Fast adoption points to many price gains in the future. This is obvious in the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which enjoys a significant share in the decentralized payment infrastructure. The continued adoption of SHIB shows a rising bias to tokens, which could result in higher value gains in 2025.

The current projects of SHIB to make a digital wonderland for plans and companies lend it more credibility. In the recently released roadmap, the lively community of holders noted that the metaverse is a hopeful area they want to explore.

Soon the meme project will launch virtual plots known as Shiba Lands. However, this is still ongoing; the possible ramifications of the launch aren’t farfetched. At the very beginning, SHIB would show a viable chance for firms to connect to retail investors through the metaverse. SHIB, at present, trades for peanuts, and the biggest pool of owners are retail investors.

This provides more chances to line up with this body of investors in a no-bars and fun-filled environment. Shib Inu would produce an open marketplace for buying utility and launch the same pegged protocols. An appropriate example is Oshiverse, which is anticipated to make this token a main plan in the crypto ecosystem.

Here, the Shiboshi non-fungible token would make a splash that is anticipated to produce more traction for the ETH-based protocol. All these are good indications and add bullish to SHIB projects.

Shiba Inu Price Long-Term Prediction 2030

What does Shiba Inu’s long-term prediction for 2030 look like? As discussed in the past, the price of this token will be guided by use conditions associated with its future metaverse project as well as the integration with other companies. On the other hand, aside from this, there are some other factors to think about. 

Initially, the takeover of Elon Musk to Twitter has generated huge publicity for meme coins- even when they are not associated with this billionaire. This is because of Musk’s previous statements about Dogecoin, meaning investors believe he might somehow integrate SHIB into Twitter. 

Today, there’s no real basis for this belief; however, if it happens, it would add further use to this coin. Moreover, it would considerably boost awareness of this coin and would drive massive value appreciation.

Our long-term price prediction for 2030 also considers the adoption of renowned businesses. For instance, a blog from TheStreet reported that google will now accept payment in SHIB for its cloud services via collaboration with Coinbase. This is an amazing breakthrough for the community of Shiba Inu, with a lot of hoping it paves the way for more adoption.  

Keeping this thing in mind, our long-term price prediction shows that it could reach the price of $0.00030 and would show a spike of more than 3,000 percent from its present value.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Analysis

This token registered exponential gains in October 2021. The buyers encouraged a rally of more than 20 EMA and 50 EMA to represent an amplified buying edge. Thus, the coin is able to reach its all-time high during that period. 

The prediction clearly suggests that in spite of the fluctuations in the value of this coin and high risk, SHIB coins are expected to be lucrative with a bullish trend. 

On the other hand, since this coin isn’t a technologically driven cryptocurrency, there is a shortage of a strong basis for it. Mostly, it depends on speculation and news in the crypto sphere. Important factors which can affect the price of this token are meme coin hype, the launching of the Shibaswap, and inclusion on main broker platforms. Businesses accepting Shiba Inu as payment or investors burning tokens also play a vital role in the popularity of this coin. 


YearPotential HighPotential Low
2024$0.0000964$ 0.00000342

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction – Conclusion

The SHIB price forecast shows significant potential for the whole meme coin market and Dogecoin killer. While there are many types of meme coins out there, SHIB has induced use cases as well as generated a big buzz. This puts the coin on an upward trend regarding the future.

If you want to know more about the live price and how to trade this assist, make sure to deal with a reliable broker. The best broker has lots of useful trading tools, different payment methods as well as competitive fees.

Shibu Uni Price Prediction FAQ

Where to Buy Shiba Inu?

You can trade this coin on major crypto exchanges such as Gemini, Uphold, WeBull and eToro. Many of the platforms mentioned enable you to buy SHIB using your credit card, via swapping features, or via different trading pairs like SHIB/USDT.

How Long Will It Take for this Token to Reach All-Time Highs?

Like the overwhelming mainstream of altcoins, SHIB is able to reach its all-time high, but it depends on how Bitcoin performs. BTC is the flagship of the crypto space, having considerable first-mover perks and staying in a dominant market position.

Many experts think that the bull market could be renewed by the end of 2023, which would set the price of this coin to a higher level. But the predictions are purely speculative and are based on the outlook of market experts. It is likely to forecast how prices will fluctuate in the coming years precisely.

Another important determinant of the cryptocurrency market trends is BTC halving. A lot of investors think the price of BTC, and so a lot of popular altcoins, will go up and might reach higher growth between today and its 4th halving in 2024. This is another instance in which the token could reach an all-time high of $0.00005.

Where Can Store SHIB Safely?

If you have decided to buy this coin, now you have to know how to store it safely. Both a software and hardware wallet can be employed to store this coin. In general, a hardware wallet is considered the safest way to store this coin. With this wallet, only the coin holder can access the coin as it keeps your exclusive keys offline.

A software wallet allows crypto owners to store digital assets in one place safely. This kind of wallet allows users to buy, swap, lend as well as earn coins in an effective way.

Is SHIB a Smart Investment?

In general, if you are a long-term investor, then it might be the best time to begin building a SHIB position in the coming months. Crypto is a risky investment opportunity with a life-changing payout. It’s the 2nd biggest meme coin today and includes it in the top 15 coins by market cap, and it has the best presence in the whole Web3 industry. On the other hand, given the inherently volatile nature of this coin and the tentative nature of SHIB, prudent traders and investors will just invest money they are able to lose.

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