NAKD Stock Forecast (Naked Brand Group)

This company was founded in 2013 and was acquired by the Cenntro Electric group limited which was founded in 2017. Medium-duty and Electric light commercial vehicles are designed and produced by Cenntro Electric Group Ltd., a business that specializes in EV technology. The enterprise’s electric community vehicles (ECVs) are made to support a range of government and corporate entities in last-mile delivery, city services, and other industrial uses. With the help of its business model, the company is able to disburse manufactured automotive kits, after which they are assembled, homologated, auctioned, and handled by 3rd parties in their own different markets.

How do we estimate NAKD stock will do in 2023?

The current price for NAKD is $2.61 with its All-time-high at over $400,000 in 2013. This stock has been in a downtrend for years and shows no signs of an uptrend. With its rapid fall and current range, we estimate that with technical analysis, this stock is likely to range around its yearly support and resistance, which is $25 – $1.6. 

Below is a 2-year chart for NAKD showing its performance from the past 2 years (2022 and 2021).

If we don’t find support at $1, we could see an all-time low at or below $1 this year. 

As we all know, fundamentals are also very useful in predicting the future price of stocks. There is currently no fundamental news that we may think could change the overall trend of NAKD, except for the fact that EVs are being adopted on a global scale; this, however, may in no way affect NAKD.

How do we estimate NAKD stock will do in 2024?

NAKD appears to have bottomed out on the 3-year chart; any further decline would be insignificant.

We can expect lower lows with the possibility of an uptrend in the far future. Right now, investors looking to buy this stock should be long-term investors, as NAKD could perform negatively in 2024.

If the price is able to stay above $100 by the close of 2023, then it is safe to expect an upward trend for the year 2024. Other than that, NAKD may find new lows below $1.

How do we estimate NAKD stock will do in 2025?

Our forecast for 2025 would be based on the price movement for 2023 and 2024. If the price closes above $150 in 2024, then we can expect a continued upward trend for 2025. EV adoption will increase in 2025, which may have an impact on the price of NAKD. 

From the current chart and previous performance, NAKD has been performing very poorly with almost a 100% drop since its high in 2013.

Without any trigger that can cause a change in trends, NAKD may remain at its floor price on the yearly time frame and continue its downward movement on the weekly time frame. We expect NAKD to be trading below $0.4 by 2025 at its current trajectory. 

The stock price of Naked Brand Group may fall to the value of pennies if the faltering company cannot breathe new life into its sagging brand. Naked has been trying to make the most of its cash hoard, though, by finding reliable acquisition partners. The corporation can undergo a drastic turnaround with the aid of acquisitions that can propel growth through this year and into 2025.

How do we estimate the NAKD stock will do in 2030?

If NAKD does not take any intentional action against its falling stock price, by 2030 NAKD is estimated to be trading below $0.05. ‘


Should I invest in CENN?

If you are looking for stocks with good returns over the next year, Cenntro Electric Group Limited stock may not be viable and may be a high-risk investment choice for you. On 2023-01-31, the real-time pricing for Cenntro Electric Group Limited is equivalent to 0.67 USD, but the price of your stock valuation may decline in the coming future.

Are people shorting NAKED heavily?

The 33% short volume fraction for the corporation indicates there is an opportunity for a squeeze. This stock is among the most heavily shorted ones on the market. Investors can see money in a squeeze-like situation when this fact is combined with the knowledge that NAKD stock is a single-cent trade.

Should I purchase prior to or following a reverse split?

Investors could profit from a reverse stock split in two different ways. One strategy is to purchase firm shares prior to the reverse split with the intention of selling them shortly after. If the value of the company’s shares rises following the split, this could be advantageous.