EVGO Stock Forecast 2024

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EVgo Inc., a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector, has been making significant strides in the industry since its inception. With a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation, EVgo operates a vast network of public direct current (DC) fast-charging stations across the United States. The company’s commitment to renewable electricity, using renewable energy certificates (RECs), demonstrates its dedication to eco-friendly practices. By providing crucial charging infrastructure to consumers and businesses alike, EVgo plays a pivotal role in supporting the growing EV market.

As of early 2024, EVgo’s stock (NASDAQ: EVGO) has been subject to fluctuations reflective of the dynamic EV charging market. The stock was priced at $2.71, having experienced a decrease of 5.57% from its previous closing price. Despite this recent drop, the stock showed a slight recovery in after-market trading, reaching $2.73. The volatility inherent in this sector is demonstrated by the stock’s movement over the last few weeks and months. The 36-month beta value for EVGO, an indicator of its volatility relative to the market, stands at 2.45, highlighting the stock’s significant movement in response to market trends.

In terms of financial health, EVgo’s performance has been marked by substantial revenue growth coupled with operational losses. The company reported a revenue of $54.59 million for 2022, a significant increase from the previous year’s $22.21 million. However, this increase in revenue came alongside an increase in losses, which amounted to -$27.58 million in 2022. Looking forward, analysts predict a notable rise in EVgo’s revenue, with forecasts indicating a potential increase to $156.35 million in 2023 and further growth to $268.02 million in 2024.

The stock’s potential has garnered mixed opinions from analysts. While some analysts view EVgo as a ‘hold’, suggesting that the stock is likely to perform in line with the market, others rate it as a ‘buy’, indicating potential growth and positive returns. The average 12-month stock price forecast for EVgo is $6.95, suggesting a substantial increase of 156.46% from its current price. This forecast demonstrates the optimism surrounding the stock’s future performance despite the recent fluctuations.

Current Market Performance

The stock performance of EVgo has been a topic of keen interest for investors and market analysts. EVgo’s stock price has shown notable fluctuations, indicative of the volatile nature of the electric vehicle charging sector. The stock, trading under the ticker EVGO on the NASDAQ, witnessed a dip to $2.71, which is a decline from its previous close. This fluctuation is part of a broader trend seen in the stock’s performance over the past few months, characterized by both gains and declines.

Recent Stock Price Trends

The stock’s recent performance shows a mixed bag of results. Over the past week, EVGO stock declined by approximately 8.18%, yet it also showed a monthly gain of about 0.33% and a quarterly surge of 3.06%. These figures underscore the stock’s sensitivity to market dynamics and the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry. The volatility ratio for EVgo stock stands at 5.06% for the week and 6.68% for the last 30 days, highlighting the unpredictability in its stock movement.

Market Cap and Trading Volume

EVgo’s market capitalization, an important indicator of the company’s size and investment quality, was recorded at approximately $859.15 million. The average trading volume for EVGO, a measure of the stock’s liquidity and investor interest, was about 2.04 million shares, reflecting active trading in the market.

Financial Health Check

EVgo’s financial health, as demonstrated through its recent financial statements, offers a mixed picture of growth and challenges. The company’s revenue growth, while impressive, is juxtaposed with significant operational losses.

Future Revenue Projections

Looking forward, financial analysts project a continued trajectory of revenue growth for EVgo. Forecasts for 2023 estimate revenue to reach approximately $156.35 million, which would be a substantial increase from 2022. Further growth is expected in 2024, with revenue projections of around $268.02 million. These forecasts are based on the expanding market for electric vehicles and the corresponding demand for EV charging infrastructure.

Operating and Gross Margins

EVgo’s operating margin stands at -273.88, and its gross margin at -41.75. These figures, although currently negative, are not uncommon for companies in their growth phase, especially in sectors undergoing rapid technological and market changes like the EV industry.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

EVgo Inc., a trailblazer in the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector, has been actively expanding its reach and capabilities through strategic partnerships and initiatives. These collaborations and expansion efforts are not only enhancing EVgo’s network but also reinforcing its position in the burgeoning EV market.

Collaborations with Leading Automakers and Companies

Toyota Partnership: EVgo extended its agreement with Toyota to offer one year of complimentary fast charging to 2024 bZ4X customers. This collaboration is a testament to EVgo’s commitment to enhancing the EV driving experience and supporting the adoption of electric vehicles.

Pilot Travel Centers Partnership: In a significant move, EVgo partnered with General Motors and Pilot Travel Centers LLC to open the first stations in a coast-to-coast EV charging network. By the end of 2024, around 200 locations are targeted for this project, significantly increasing EVgo’s charging infrastructure.

Partnership with Meijer: EVgo expanded its fast charging partnership with Meijer through EVgo eXtend. This initiative involves installing additional fast chargers at Meijer locations, further enhancing accessibility for EV drivers.

Collaboration with Hertz: A partnership with Hertz aims to offer EV renters special charging rates for a year. This collaboration showcases EVgo’s effort to make EV charging more accessible and convenient for a broader range of users.

Honda and Acura Collaboration: EVgo’s partnership with American Honda Motor Co. allows EV owners to access its nationwide charging network, highlighting its commitment to expanding charging solutions for various EV brands.

Expanding Charging Infrastructure

  • Network Growth: EVgo is one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks for EVs. The company’s efforts to expand its network are pivotal in meeting the increasing demand for EV charging stations.
  • Innovative Deployment Models: EVgo is using prefabricated charging infrastructure to cut installation timelines significantly. This innovative approach is expected to enhance the scalability of its charging network.
  • Grants and Funding: EVgo and its partners received over $12.7 million in funding to expand fast charging infrastructure, demonstrating both the need and support for growing the EV charging network.

Competitive Landscape and Industry Outlook

As EVgo Inc. continues to expand its presence in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, understanding the competitive landscape and the overall market outlook is essential for gauging its future potential.

Key Competitors in the EV Charging Industry

  1. ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (CHPT): A significant player in the EV charging sector, ChargePoint offers a broad array of charging solutions. Its recent stock performance has been a mix of ups and downs, reflecting the competitive and dynamic nature of the industry.
  2. Blink Charging Co. (BLNK): Known for its diverse range of EV charging stations, Blink Charging is another key competitor in the market. The company’s recent initiatives and market performance indicate its active role in shaping the EV charging landscape.
  3. Tesla Inc. (TSLA): Although primarily recognized for its electric cars, Tesla also operates an extensive network of Superchargers, directly competing in the EV charging space.

Industry Growth and Trends

The EV charging industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by increasing adoption of electric vehicles globally. Key factors influencing this growth include:

  1. Government Policies and Incentives: Many countries are introducing policies and incentives to promote the adoption of EVs, which in turn boosts the demand for charging infrastructure.
  2. Technological Advancements: Continuous innovations in charging technology, including faster charging speeds and more efficient systems, are propelling the industry forward.
  3. Growing Environmental Concerns: Rising awareness about environmental issues is leading to a shift towards sustainable transportation options like electric vehicles.

EVgo’s Position in the Market

EVgo’s strategic initiatives and expansion plans position it well in this competitive landscape. The company’s focus on fast charging and renewable energy, along with its collaborations with automakers and other companies, gives it a unique edge in the market.

Investment Potential and Analyst Opinions

In considering EVgo Inc. as an investment, it’s important to factor in the varied perspectives of market analysts and the potential growth trajectory of the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector. Generally, EVgo holds a “Hold” rating from analysts, reflecting a consensus that the stock might align with overall market performance. The price targets set by analysts suggest significant growth potential, with an average forecast indicating a notable increase from the current trading price.

Investors should be mindful of the inherent volatility in the EV charging market, influenced by rapid technological changes, regulatory shifts, and competitive factors. However, EVgo’s strategic initiatives in expanding its charging network and forming key partnerships could position it well to benefit from the growing demand for EV infrastructure.

The balance between risk and reward is a critical consideration. The industry’s fluctuations need to be weighed against the potential growth tied to the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. As EVgo is at the forefront of this emerging market, it presents both challenges and opportunities for investors.


What is EVgo Inc. and what role does it play in the electric vehicle industry?

EVgo Inc. operates a vast network of public direct current (DC) fast-charging stations for electric vehicles across the United States. The company focuses on providing crucial charging infrastructure to support the growing electric vehicle market, powered by renewable electricity.

How has EVgo Inc.’s stock performed recently?

As of early 2024, EVgo’s stock (NASDAQ: EVGO) experienced notable fluctuations. The stock price dipped to $2.71 but showed signs of recovery in after-market trading. These fluctuations reflect the dynamic and volatile nature of the electric vehicle charging market.

What are some key strategic partnerships and expansion plans of EVgo?

EVgo has formed strategic partnerships with major automakers and companies, including Toyota, Pilot Travel Centers LLC, Meijer, Hertz, Honda, and Acura. These collaborations aim to expand EVgo’s charging network and make EV charging more accessible.

What is the investment potential of EVgo Inc., according to market analysts?

Market analysts generally hold a “Hold” consensus rating on EVgo’s stock. The average 12-month price target is around $6.95, suggesting a significant potential upside. However, investors should consider the inherent volatility of the EV charging sector.


In conclusion, EVgo Inc. stands as a dynamic and influential player in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. With its strategic partnerships, expanding network, and innovative approaches, EVgo is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for EV infrastructure. Despite facing market volatility, the company shows promise with potential growth, underscored by optimistic analyst forecasts. EVgo’s journey mirrors the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, marking it as a significant entity in the transition to electric mobility.

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