DBS seeks out female tech talent for 140 engineering roles

DBS seeks out female tech talent for 140 engineering roles

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DBS is tripling the number of job opportunities available at this year’s edition of its ‘DBS Women in Tech’ virtual career fair for female technologists in Singapore, with more than 140 openings available.

This builds on the success of the event’s inaugural run in 2020, which saw more than 500 applicants for 50 job opportunities.

The bank this year is focusing its recruitment drive on five engineering roles, namely engineering lead; solution architect; ReactJS developer; full stack developer; and software development engineering in test.

Soh Siew Choo, group head of big sata/AI and consumer banking technology at DBS believes that the overwhelming response to the first edition of DBS Women in Tech has shattered the myth that there is a limited pipeline of women for technology roles.

“The key to success lies in applying an unbiased lens and targeted effort in our outreach,” she says. “At DBS, we run curated hackathons and hiring events to reach out to top female technology talent. We are deeply encouraged by the positive outcomes of our efforts. This year, we are making a concerted push to improve female representation in engineering roles, a space which continues to see a dearth of women across the industry. We believe that by driving diversity in our engineering roles we will be able to incorporate a multiplicity of views and perspectives upstream so as to deliver outstanding digital experiences for our customers.”

Applicants will go through an 80-minute online assessment tailored to the roles they are applying for to gauge their technical and planning capabilities.

Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to an online hiring day on 12 June 2021, when they will learn more about the career development pathways available before attending a virtual interview.

DBS has been active in organising tailored events to bring more women technologists into its ranks. In 2019, the bank launched Hack2Hire-Her, a curated outreach programme targeting female technology talent to complement the bank’s annual Hack2Hire hackathon. As a result, the proportion of applications from women rose to over 30%, as compared to 5% in previous years, and the number of offers made to women also increased about five times.

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