Play This Cryptocurrency Game And Earned Huge Proft–Here How It Works?

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Play-to-earn games are the most popular and talked-of-the-town games at this point, and Calveria makes earning income even simpler and faster.

To commemorate the presale and the quickly growing community, Calveria is giving a chance to split $100K worth of $SRIA to three lucky winners. All you need to do is follow the guidelines described in the widget of their page to get many entries and hold $100 of $RIA at the time of the draw. Keep in mind that qualified entries should hold the equivalent of $100 of $SRIA at the time of the draw.

But what precisely is it, and how does this game work?

Calvaria Overview

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a popular blockchain game that makes it simple for participants to earn money. The game unites many elements of Web3, allowing plates to pass through a virtual metaverse where they could buy NFTs or non-fungible tokens representing different characters.

The goal here is to create trading decks to vie with those of other participants, getting a reward coin each time they win.

Non-fungible tokens are used to signify different characters in Calvaria. The characters are divided into sections or categories, and each one has a different personality. Therefore, in this game, there are different choices to select from. Also, Calvaria organizes different games or competitions where players are able to earn money.

Two Ecosystem Tokens

Calvaria has two tokens; the first is eRIA which players get once they become successful in playing the games or win the battle. On the other hand, the main ecosystem coin is RIA. With this token, Calvaria is able to keep a good and healthy ecosystem as they are able to buy non-fungible tokens or NFTs in the game in-app marketplace with it.

Also, the coin has intrinsic value in view of the fact that it is a PoS coin or proof of stake token. This only means that investors are able to stake their coins to earn more. And holders of proof of stake tokens can bet RIA to join the Calvarias decentralized autonomous organization or DAO.

The decentralized autonomous organization handles the whole thing associated with voting for the game and staking the token is how players join in supremacy.

Why RIA?

RIA’s views are firstly tied to those of Calvaria, and at this point, the game is considered one of the most thrilling in the market. This online platform is looking to lower the wall to entry for blockchain gaming: it’s attractive as players do not need to purchase non-fungible tokens to take pleasure in it. They get NFT for free once they join or sign up for the game- as against needing to make a financial commitment to the game.

The availability of Calvaria on both Android and iOS operating systems means players are able to access the game in spite of the location and device they are using. The total utmost fixed supply of the token is 1M $SRIA, that will be allocated between the following places in the Calvaria Duels of Eternity ecosystem.

RIA’s Presale Is On

At present, the RIA coin is available on presale. This asset is one of the most thrilling presales in the crypto market and has already raised a remarkable amount of $1.8 million. The presale is anticipated to run for ten phases, of which three have been done already.

The price of the RIA at the onset of the presale is $0.10, and it has seen its price increase to $0.025. This only means that early investors have already gained more than 100% profit.

You don’t have to worry, as there are still six stages left, and the price of RIA is anticipated to reach $0,055 in the last period of the presale. So, new investors can still purchase the token and make more than 100 percent gains.

Also, developers of Calvaria have confirmed recently that the digital asset will list on MEXC and LBank, two of the largest crypto exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. A rapid infusion of liquidity will assist the price surge of the asset even higher in due course.

Don’t miss this once of lifetime chance to bag the price of $100,000 worth of $RIA tokens. Join the game now by visiting Calvaria.

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