Insider Says, Here are the Best and Cheapest Crypto to Invest in 2023

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With the cryptocurrency market generating remarkable profits for investors who get early on strong projects, a lot of people aim to look for the best cheap digital asset to buy.

To make sure that investors are searching for the best and cheapest cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023, we have opted to integrate an array of projects fulfilling different goals in the cryptocurrency space. So, without further ado, here are the best cryptos to invest in in 2023, according to an insider.

Roberta (TARO)

On top of the insider’s list is Roberta. At present, on stage 1 of 3 rounds of pre-sale, TARO is one of the best crypto projects to invest in 2023, and at present, it is on sale for only $0.02. This crypto was built on the Ethereum blockchain and is the native crypto of Roberta-this is an upcoming metaverse gaming ecosystem that enables players to get bounties or gifts in so many different ways.

A number of of the best metaverse coins, like Axie Infinity (AXS), have spiked by over 1500X since their initial pre-sale. TARO is the latest project that has the potential to give the same growth.

Players can buy non-fungible token avatars known as Robots with Roberta coins that serve as the in-game avatar in the RobertEra metaverse ecosystem.

Called Taro Planet, this online ecosystem also provides tradable land that can be bought on the RobertEra marketplace and built upon to make active as well as passive income. You can monetize  RobertEra metaverse plot by hosting event as well as charging admission, selling billboard spaces and mining land for resources.

You build any type of building you want for free, while you can also make, upgrade as well as personalize new robot NFT and sell them to the market. This project also enables investors to bet on TARO to make a yearly yield. You can also stake this coin to join the DAO platform, providing voting and decision- rights on the future of the plan/project.

According to the RoberEta whitepaper, 270 million coins of the whole 1.8B token supply are being assigned on presale, and phase 1 of the presale has designated 90M tokens at just $0.02. Early investors have the chance to buy TARO before the value increases to $0.32 by the last presale round- an increase of 60% from the existing value.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge meme coin or TAMA is a crypto project which blends non-fungible tokens and plays to earn gaming, and the Metaverseto makes an engaging as well as the rewarding ecosystem which resonate with traders and investors.

The project enables people to cultivate virtual pets in a thorough metaverse called Tamaverse. As the pets are non-fungible token-based, you can upgrade them utilizing items available from the in-game shop, which include toys, cosmetics, and food.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

This is a diverse ecosystem of decentralized finance and play-to-earn features. Battle Infinity or IBAT is a currently released cryptocurrency project with an ecosystem that consists of a huge number of useful play-to-earn and decentralized finance features, which takes account of a non-fungible token-based fantasy sports league and a built in DEX or decentralized exchange.

To make sure the platform stays easy to use while packing in a big array of features, the IBAT ecosystem is divided into six distinctive platforms such as:

  • Fantasy sports league
  • NFT marketplace
  • Staking platform
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Metaverse arena
  • And a collection of player-versus-player play to earn games.


This is transactional crypto for international transfers as well as currency conversion, and it is worth investing in this coming year. Created by David Schwartz in 2012, XRP is a transactional crypto that specializes in international money transfers as well as currency conversions. At present, the project is in the middle of a lawsuit with the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission that kept the value low.

On the other hand, the coin has currently been seeing some remarkable growth as the result of the suit edges closer.


Chainlink (LINK) is a crypto project that focuses on putting off-chain data sources into practice in on-chain applications. This project has been flourishing since its release because it offers a significant service that particularly expanded the possible use scenarios for blockchain-powered applications.

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