IMPT: An Eco-Friendly Crypto Just Increased $13,000,000 – Here Are the Reasons Why?

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Eco and green investing are one of the fastest-growing industries today as institutions, governments, and people push for answers to weather issues.

One such answer is from the latest cryptocurrency presale project IMPT, which aims to combat global warming by providing people and businesses with a simple way to offset their carbon footprint. This Ethereum-based protocol will let its users purchase, earn and possess carbon credits and, at this point, has increased $13M of investment in only a few months.

Carbon Credit Investing Forecast to Grow 50 Times

A carbon credit is already a massive business at the state and government levels. Many countries worldwide impose strict orders and laws on how much institution has to equalize their carbon footprint. On the other hand, at the recent COP27 climate meeting held in Egypt, General Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, summarizes that much is still required. China and US are two of the biggest polluters in the world and asked to do more to reduce fossil fuel use.

While the mandatory market is projected to be worth approximately $300B yearly, the voluntary carbon market is worth only$2B-however, according to Bloomberg, in the next ten years, we will raise by 50 times, reaching $100B a year.

According to John Kerry, US Climate Envoy, the next ten years are critical in the combat against climate change, and IMPT is providing one such answer to assist ease its dangerous effects.

What Exactly is an IMPT?

IMPT is one of the fastest-growing digital assets of 2022 as it provides a real-world answer to a vital real world issue: climate change. This crypto offers people the opportunity to turn their native crypto coin into carbon credits that can be utilized to offset the carbon footprint of the holder. 

Carbon Credit Non-Fungible Tokens 

Carbon credits refer to permits that enable holders to produce carbon into the atmosphere in the swap to funding eco projects worldwide, with single carbon credit equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide or CO2. Users purchase this coin to buy carbon credit non-fungible tokens, choose an established eco-project to finance, and then can burn the NFT to balance their carbon footprint. 

Also, holders of carbon credit NFT can decide to hold them as an investment or sell them for money. Owners burning their carbon credit NFT not just balance their carbon footprint but also get another NFT in exchange. This can also be sold for money or an investment. Furthermore, this crypto will use blockchain technology to avoid fraud or scams in the carbon credit sphere. 

Earn IMPT Coins While Shopping

Aside from buying this coin to swap into carbon credit, you can also get them by shopping. Unlike other cryptos, IMPT has affiliate partnerships with many companies and retailers worldwide. These famous brands will provide IMPT back to consumers as a discount or percentage of the sale. Some brands affiliated with this crypto are Macy, LEGO, Microsoft, and Samsung. 

Then shoppers can make further green options by choosing brands that provide a good percentage in return, while this coin also keeps a score chart to monitor the carbon balancing efforts of companies and people alike. 

Presale of IMPT

As stated above, at present, IMPT is in its presale phase but has already raised $13M in investment. Phase 1 of the 3 phase sold out one month ahead of schedule after rising $11M in only 23 days. Coins were on sale for only $0.018 at the time but have since augmented to $0.023 for phase two and will again rise in value in phase three to $0.028.

That signifies a 55 percent raise from phase 1 and a 22 percent raise from the current value. So, it means that it is the right time to buy IMPT tokens. 

IMPT tokens boast a KYC and doxxed verified team, while the project has also had its smart agreement fully audited by Hacken, so you are safe and secure from fraud and scams. A total of 60 percent of 1.8B of the 3B supply of coins will be sold during the presale. Reading the whitepaper for further details and joining the Telegram group to keep updated on the latest news is vital. 

How to Buy IMPT?

Currently, IMPT is in stage two of its presale, with coins on sale for only $0.023. Investors must remember that there’s a current giveaway where winners will share $100.000 of tokens for doing different social media tasks. 

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