WeLab Bank Appoints Tat Lee as New Chief Executive

WeLab Bank Appoints Tat Lee as New Chief Executive

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WeLab Bank, a virtual bank licensed by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, announces that Tat Lee has been appointed as the new Chief Executive. He succeeds Adrian Tse, who has stepped down from the role for what the bank described as “personal reasons”.

Tat has close to two decades of retail banking and fintech experience and was most recently the Alternate Chief Executive and Executive Director of WeLab Bank. Tat joined WeLab as employee back in 2013, at a time when the firm was still in its infancy. Over the last eight years, he has assumed a number of roles in WeLab including Head of Product and Risk Management and then later as General Manager of WeLend.

Since 2018, Tat has been strategically involved in building the foundation for WeLab Bank, from obtaining the virtual banking license to its official launch in July 2020.

Prior to joining WeLab, he held senior roles in leading international financial institutions, including HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank’s former consumer finance subsidiary, PrimeCredit.

Professor KC Chan, Chairman of WeLab Bank said:

Professor KC Chan, Chairman of WeLab Bank

Professor KC Chan

“Tat is a dynamic leader with significant experience in growing businesses, with in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong and the fintech industry. We are delighted to have Tat lead WeLab Bank, scaling to the next level, beyond the initial launch.

The future is bright for the energy that Tat brings to propel WeLab Bank’s development to greater heights in the long run.”

Tat Lee, Chief Executive of WeLab Bank said:

Tat Lee welab

Tat Lee

“Looking back on my experience in the fintech industry, I believe to revolutionize the banking experience, we must combine the power of people with the power of fintech.

Through game-changing technologies such as AI and big data analytics, in line with the people-oriented concept, we are designing digital-first banking services. WeLab Bank is now in the most exciting new market opportunity, and I hope to open up a new era of virtual banking.”

Featured image: Tat Lee, Chief Executive of WeLab Bank

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