US Bank doubles down on video banking during pandemic

US Bank doubles down on video banking during pandemic

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US Bank has introduced a co-browsing feature that lets customers share their screen with, and see live video of, an employee.

The co-browsing feature is designed to let a customer and banker view and navigate online and mobile banking together. Users do not need to install software, but simply verify with a dynamic and secure code to grant access.

US Bank says it has proved a popular tool during the pandemic, with more than half a million sessions during 2020 and a projected two million in 2021.

By adding a one-way video stream, US Bank says it is helping customers get a more personal experience, adding reassurance and a greater sense of security.

The bank has also recently introduced a virtual appointments feature that lets bankers and customers have the same face-to-face interaction they would in their local branch.

Tim Welsh, vice chair, consumer and business banking, US Bank, say: “We love the idea that our customers can still see the welcoming faces of their local bankers, without even needing to leave their home or business.”

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