Taskize and Ezops join forces on counterparty resolution

Taskize and Ezops join forces on counterparty resolution

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Taskize the leading provider of inter-company workflow to the financial services industry, has entered into a partnership with EZOPS, the leading provider of AI-enabled data control, workflow automation, and regulatory reporting solutions, to deliver cross industry issue resolution services to their mutual clients without the risk of sharing critical & confidential data.

The integrated solution extends EZOPS’ workflows across counterparties including over 300 institutions on the rapidly growing Taskize network for the first time, which includes over half the top 20 financial services firms in the world.

EZOPS platform users can now leverage Taskize Smart Directory™ to bring the right people, in the right roles, at the right parties together for efficient issue resolution. Thus, speeding up trading, clearing and settlement throughout related lifecycles. Taskize users will benefit from easy integration of EZOPS’ range of reconciliation, reference data, regulatory and automation tools into their end-to-end workflows with counterparties thus allowing them to accelerate and enhance their counterparty resolution experience.

Bikram Singh, Founder and CEO of EZ Ops said: “The need for timely resolution between counterparties is essential, no longer can firms wait for protracted periods of time to resolve breaks… We help our clients to transform their business operations and cover key areas across the front, middle and back office. We are excited to partner with Taskize; this partnership should deliver great efficiencies to our customers, because it will connect their workflows to our clients’ counterparties, allowing them to rapidly address problems and disputes whilst not having to share confidential and sensitive information.”

The integration between Taskize and EZOPS is seamless allowing subscribers on both sides to integrate their desired tools and then access key workflow capabilities in real-time. Thus substantively reducing inefficiencies between counterparties and speeding up related disputes and trade break challenges.

“Our clients, including some of the largest financial firms, are deploying strategies to drive business advantage using best-of-breed cloud services like Taskize and EZOPS, whilst retaining control of their vital data. Taskize is the leading provider of operations workflow between counterparties, with its secure open architecture. We are delighted that EZOPS share our vision of providing clients with the capabilities they need to drive efficiency, and maintain control, cost effectively,” said John O’Hara, co-founder and CEO of Taskize. 

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