Swissquote to use Marqeta API for all-in-one banking app

Swissquote to use Marqeta API for all-in-one banking app

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Marqeta, the global modern card issuing platform, today announced it is partnering with Swissquote, a leading provider of online financial services, to offer a new app-based card program that gives users control over a range of financial activities, including banking and investing, in a single digital space.

Swissquote launched in 1996 and is a leading online trading platform in Switzerland, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Luxembourg and the UK. The company has a long history of financial innovation and was one of the first trading specialists to offer real-time quotes. Swissquote was also an early adopter of AI and machine learning in financial services, launching a robo-advisor in 2010, and developing it further to include cryptocurrencies trading in 2017.

One of Swissquote’s most recent innovative developments is the new mobile banking app Yuh, which has been built from the ground up in collaboration with financial institution PostFinance and promises features not yet available to Swiss bank customers.

Marqeta will be partnering with Swissquote to help power an all-in-one app that connects banking and trading via a virtual card. Using the Marqeta open API, the card will allow users to perform a wide range of money management and trading functions complete with security capabilities including card freeze, pin reveal and pin change.

“Swissquote prides itself on challenging the status quo and seeking out innovative technology to bring to our clients,” said Jan De Schepper, Swissquote Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “With Marqeta, we can offer an app that seamlessly links banking and investing — making it easier for our clients to access financial services and take control of their financial lives.”

“Marqeta is proud to partner with a financial services pioneer like Swissquote to showcase the ever-growing range of capabilities made possible with modern card issuing,” said Ian Johnson, SVP, Managing Director, Europe, Marqeta. “Through this partnership, Swissquote clients will have more streamlined access to their accounts, and will be better equipped to make financial decisions.”

The world’s first company to offer a platform for modern card issuing and transaction processing, Marqeta is headquartered in the U.S. and opened a European headquarters in London in 2018. Its mission is to remove complexities from payment processing, empowering developers to launch products with speed, flexibility and control.

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