SH Capital selects FinIQ as digital trading platform

SH Capital selects FinIQ as digital trading platform

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Newly launched digital treasury services management provider SH Capital Ltd (SHC), has appointed FinIQ as its digital trading platform.

The company selected FinIQ, a leading Singapore-based capital markets technology provider, following a competitive search for a partner to support its expanding services across Dubai and the UAE region.

FinIQ’s front-to-back wealth and treasury services platform is used by nearly 15,000 bankers across 21 countries to electronically trade financial instruments. SH Capital, which is scheduled to begin trading in Q2 this year, will utilise FinIQ’s extensive suite of services including its flagship products FIConnect and FXDConnect.

FIConnect is an online order execution tool for a wide range of simple to complex fixed income securities via the world’s largest supplier network including buyside, sellside and direct order workflows. FXDConnect allows access to liquidity from leading investment banks supplying live and dealable quotes for a range of vanilla FX and derivative structures.

SH Capital’s mission is to empower small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs & MMEs) by offering world class global banking services, asset management, FX hedging solutions, investment products and services that have previously been hard to obtain in the region.

SHC acts as an intermediary for clients, helping them to access leading and global tier one cash investment products.

Khalid Talukder, Managing Director, SH Capital Ltd:

“We were seeking an established trading platform, with a breadth and diversity of functions to offer our clients bespoke tier one financial solutions. It was clear during the review process that FinIQ was the obvious market leader, offering outstanding capabilities and a broad range of services, making it the perfect partner for our fast-growing client base.

We look forward to working with FinIQ to enable ambitious SMEs across the region to gain access to efficient and high-quality digital asset management and investment products globally to support their treasury activities, taking their organisation to the next level.,

Sandip Sen, Senior Consultant, FinIQ, said:

“With over 70 years combined experience in its team of financial professionals, SH Capital is looking to establish itself as the go-to premier provider of tier one banking services for growing businesses across the UAE and beyond. We are very pleased to have formed a strategic partnership with what promises to be a fast-growing, ambitious company, that has pledged to set a new benchmark for financial services in the region and beyond.”

SH Capital is a subsidiary of parent company Stanhope Financial Group, which launched with $3.5m funding in November last year. In December, the group also announced the launch SH Payments in Lithuania after obtaining its Electronic Money Institution licence.

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