Refinitiv and Ibsfintech Partnership Launches Treasury Management Solution InTReaX™ in India

Refinitiv and Ibsfintech Partnership Launches Treasury Management Solution InTReaX™ in India

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The financial markets data and infrastructure provider Refinitiv, and the Indian enterprise solutions company IBSFINtech, have collaborated together to launch InTReaX™, an automated treasury management solution for cash and liquidity management, currency risk management, and market insights.

The partnership will help corporates modernise and automate their treasury workflow flexibly and enable smooth operations with strategic insights.

CM Grover, Managing Director and CEO, IBSFINtech
CM Grover, Managing Director and CEO, IBSFINtech

“We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with Refinitiv to support the corporate treasury industry in India as it continues to evolve,” comments CM Grover, Managing Director, and CEO at IBSFINtech.”With our SaaS TMS, InTReaX powered by Refinitiv data and analytics, we envision strengthening every corporate treasury helping to transform the strategic power-center of the organisation. Our on-premise platform is trusted by large corporates across the country and our vision is to expand with this new age SaaS TMS.”

The newly launched solution will enable CXOs and Treasurers to enhance visibility, transparency, and control; mitigate operational risk; drive automation; and improve business efficiency. The intelligent transaction management, analytics, and decision-support is highly scalable and configurable across the whole corporate treasury ecosystem by accessing powerful analytics – including management of cash and foreign exchange transactions, pre-trade, trade and post-trade, derivatives valuations, and portfolio analytics. Refinitiv’s ecosystem of FX trading market solutions will also help the businesses to complete end-to-end workflows for trading forex.

Treasury Heads and CXOs faced challenges in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic and the shift to remote working, rising counterparty risks, and extremely volatile markets. The adoption of automated treasury management solutions has become an essential catalyst for risk management and successful business strategies. Corporate leaders in India are recognising the need for professionally managed and automatised treasury functions and are becoming more digitally advanced and data-first. Refinitiv and IBSFINtech’s solution will play a pivotal role in this development.

“Our partnership with IBSFINtech is an exciting step towards simplifying modern treasury with robust technology,” added Gautam Verma, Head of South Asia, Data & Analytics at LSEG. “CXOs and treasury heads can now confidently strengthen their strategic decisions at a global level with accurate information on corporate governance that embeds internal compliances. Today’s risk management policies help combat the volatility of foreign currency exposures and we intend to work in tandem with this goal by providing access to Refinitiv Data Scope Select tools and Refinitiv Eikon research.”

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