Personetics Partners with Santander UK to Launch My Money Manager

Personetics Partners with Santander UK to Launch My Money Manager

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Putting artificial intelligence to work to help boost customer engagement in financial wellness, Personetics has announced a new partnership with Santander UK. Together, the two companies are offering a new digital solution, My Money Manager, integrated into Santander UK’s mobile banking app.

My Money Manager is designed to give users ready access to a variety of personalized, data-driven insights into their finances. The intelligent app learns as it is used, incorporating customer behavior, preferences, and feedback to provide alerts and tips to help keep users on track. Among the features of My Money Manager are expected deposit dates for recurring payments, push notifications for changes in scheduled payments, purchase analysis – including insight into category spending – as well as notification of expiring subscriptions and cards.

“We’re proud to be working with Santander to provide the technology to deliver personalized, proactive insights that significantly impact a customer’s financial confidence and ability to make lasting improvements to their financial situation,” Personetics CEO and co-founder David Sosna said. “Santander’s continued investment in customer-centric technologies demonstrates their innovative approach to customer engagement and digital innovation to better service their customers in a very tumultuous time.”

A Finovate alum since 2016, Personetics provides a customer engagement platform for financial services companies that enhances the financial customer journey with personalized insights, recommendations, and guidance. The platform leverages AI-driven chatbots to deliver contextual, financial advice and recommendations to help users reach their financial goals. Personetics notes that it’s technology has boosted digital engagement by 35% and saved new customers an average of $2,400 a year.

“My Money Manager is the result of a new kind of partnership between Santander and Personetics,” Santander UK Head of Customer Journey Design Andy Warren said. “Working collaboratively, the Personetics team is an extension of our internal teams, generating new use cases and co-creating beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Building long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our strategic partners is key to accelerate Santander’s digital transformation. We’re proud to bring innovation to our customers.”

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York, Personetics announced an extension of its partnership with Discount Bank in August. The new agreement helped the bank launch Smart Save, an auto-savings solution. In April, the company teamed up with Hyundai Card to add personalized insights as part of a new service called “Spending Care by Personetics.” Also this spring, Personetics joined the ecosystem.

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