Payment Alliance adds crypto partner for bitcoin acceptance at ATMs

Payment Alliance adds crypto partner for bitcoin acceptance at ATMs

ATM technology provider Payment Alliance International is partnering with B4U Financial to enable users of any cryptocurrency wallets to redeem bitcoin for cash at the ATMs.

B4U Financial’s global processing network will manage authorization, clearing and settlement of the transactions through the Payment Alliance International fleet of ATMs, which will be equipped with BitLoad4U technology for the cash conversions.

“Cryptocurrency is gaining traction in the United States and globally,” Payment Alliance International CEO David Dove said in a Wednesday press release. “We are excited to partner with B4U Financial to be able to offer the convenience of bitcoin to cash conversion capabilities at our ATMs located nationwide.”

Louisville, Ky.-based Payment Alliance International says it manages the portfolios and provides transaction processing, bank sponsorships, maintenance and other services for more than 95,000 ATMs.

“We are honored to be part of the PAI family of providers and are eager to deliver our network services to PAI partners to help them drive incremental revenue,” B4U Financial’s CEO and founder, T. Jack Williams, said in the release. “The growth of cryptocurrencies is still in the early stages globally, and PAI’s decision to offer B4U services is an example of their leadership in financial services.”

B4U Financial LLC offers end-to-end solutions for bitcoin, including purchases, branded payment card loads, IBAN account funds transfers, and BitLoad4U prepaid debit cards through its global platform.

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