Oxane signs three global investment banks for its illiquid credit portfolio management solution

Oxane signs three global investment banks for its illiquid credit portfolio management solution

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Oxane signs three global investment banks for its illiquid credit portfolio management solution

Oxane Partners, a leading technology-driven solutions provider to private markets, announced signing three bulge bracket investment banks across the US and Europe for its illiquid credit portfolio management solution – Oxane Panorama. With more than $200 billion of notional hosted on Oxane’s platforms, Oxane is at the forefront of the digitalisation drive in the private markets space.

Principal finance desks at investment banks have long struggled in the absence of a business-fit solution that can support the diverse array of their investments. The incumbent manual and outdated processes for data management, risk monitoring, and reporting at banks are not only time-intensive but hamper portfolio visibility and risk controls.

With Oxane Panorama, banks can now manage their broad spectrum of illiquid credit investments in a unified ecosystem and improve risk control, portfolio surveillance, and reporting processes. The quick adoption by several global banks over the last few quarters can be attributed to how the solution blends a flexible multi-asset portfolio management technology and a dedicated team of financial analysts for ongoing data management support.

Oxane’s highly agile solution is enabling banks with:

  • Comprehensive coverage – Across portfolio financings transactions covering middle-market or broadly syndicated loans, consumer loans, trade receivables, equipment leases, commercial mortgages, and CLO warehousing, among others.
  • Harmonised view of risk and performance – Consistent view of risk exposure and performance attribution across the entire book built on datasets that are standardised and validated by the support team.
  • Proactive portfolio monitoring – Automated risk alerts, deal dashboards, advanced analytics, workflows, and a flexible reporting engine to automate internal and external reporting requirements.
  • A dedicated team of financial analysts – To assist with ongoing data management, validation, and operational support.

“Banks have long-desired a technology solution that is flexible enough to support the diversity of deals across their illiquid credit trades but robust enough to maintain tight organisational controls. We aim to bridge that gap by helping banks transform their portfolio management processes with Oxane Panorama’s flexible technology architecture to enhance transparency, data integrity, and risk controls.”, commented Sumit Gupta, co-Founder at Oxane Partners.

“Seeing Oxane Panorama resonate so well with global investment banks in a short span of time goes to show that banks are eager for a unified solution that can support multiple asset types. We welcome these global investment banks to our growing list of clients as we help them realise their goals of better control over their portfolio and risk management processes.”, added Vishal Soni, co-Founder at Oxane Partners.

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