Oxane expands its asset class coverage to deliver full suite of solutions for private markets

Oxane expands its asset class coverage to deliver full suite of solutions for private markets

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Oxane expands its asset class coverage to deliver full suite of solutions for private markets

Oxane Partners (“Oxane”), a leading technology-driven solutions provider to private markets, announced it has expanded the coverage of its solutions to cater to a wider range of credit asset classes. Since starting operations in 2013, Oxane has gradually broadened its offerings to now become a one-stop solution provider supporting banks and investment firms to analyse and better manage their private markets investments.

The inherent challenge in unifying investments across multiple trading desks in private markets lies in handling distinct deal structures, dataflows, and reporting metrics. Without a viable solution that can provide an aggregate view across disparate assets, banks and investment firms either persist with piecemeal solutions that result in silos or attempt to build something in-house which is both time and resource intensive. Now they have an alternative in Oxane’s robust suite of solutions and services for private markets.

Building upon the initial success with whole loan portfolios that included commercial and consumer mortgages, Oxane has expanded its offerings to support lender financing transactions covering middle-market and broadly syndicated loans, direct lending trades, asset-backed financing across private ABS, consumer and SME loans, trade receivables, equipment leases, maritime, and renewable energy assets. The offerings now support the full investment lifecycle from origination, screening, due diligence, transaction execution, portfolio management technology, loan operations, and independent valuations.

  • Transaction Execution: Oxane acts as a deal execution partner, supporting financial modelling, investment research, and data analytics needs.
  • Portfolio Management Platforms: Proprietary technology platforms for managing the wide spectrum of credit asset classes.
  • Loan Operations: Loan servicing 2.0 with a digital-first approach to servicing enabling lenders to be in better control of their investments.
  • Independent Valuations: Addressing the demands for transparency in valuations by investors, regulators, and auditors for a range of illiquid assets.

“We started with a vision to simplify the complexities in private market investments through digitalisation and it’s heartening to see it turning into reality and transforming the way the industry works. Our laser-sharp focus on the private markets and our emphasis on integrating domain expertise and proprietary technology allows us to offer a truly compelling solution. We will continue to enable private markets to embrace change and be better prepared for the future.”, commented Vishal Soni, co-founder at Oxane Partners.

Kanav Kalia, head of marketing and sales, added, “The pandemic has only made the private markets more aware of the operational gaps and the need for digitalisation to drive efficiency and scale up with agility. The last two quarters have been the best in our journey so far, having onboarded over 10 clients across our solutions and services. With our all-encompassing offerings for private markets, we are now well-positioned to better serve the needs of our clients as a one-stop solution provider.”

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