Optimo and Brokerpad release integrated platform for ambitious planners

Optimo and Brokerpad release integrated platform for ambitious planners

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Financial Advisers who seek to scale their businesses are often bogged down with low value, time consuming tasks. In order to scale they need to be able to reduce costs and leverage their time more effectively.

Brokerpad and Optimo Financial announce that they have combined their technology platforms to automate low value tasks and to allow advisers to focus on their core strengths of giving clients the best possible financial outcomes.

Optimo Financial’s CEO, Hugh Bannister, said that one of the most common complaints of financial advisers is that they waste a lot of valuable time having to re-key data into different platforms.

Brokerpad’s digital tool, Plannerpad, automates fact find processes which includes collecting client information and documents. Brokerpad’s digital fact finds have proven to save between 2 and 6 hours per client, depending on the complexity of the information.

Optimo Financial’s Pathfinder tool provides a fast, easy, way to develop a fully compliant, comprehensive financial strategy tuned to meet the client’s lifestyle goals in a financially effective way. It can reduce the time to create a financial strategy from over 3 hours to about 30 minutes.

The Plannerpad and Pathfinder combo will provide a massive boost in productivity to financial advisers, enabling them to scale their businesses while reducing costs at the same time.

Plannerpad allows advisers to automate their fact find processes in the background and identify those clients who are serious about engaging with them.

Mr Bannister said, “With the press of a button, advisers can push client data to Optimo’s Pathfinder, ready for the adviser to start the strategy development process. Most data will have already been entered by the client through Plannerpad, he said.

“The data can be used to prepare for initial meetings, for ongoing reviews, or even to examine scenarios live in front of the customer to enhance client trust in the planning process”.

Andrew Greatbatch, the Product Director at Brokerpad said, “This is a paradigm shift for when Planners meet with clients because it allows them to focus on where they offer the most value to clients, such as actually providing financial advice. The client review process is also greatly simplified because the client can easily update their existing information securely online. All the adviser then has to do is to transfer it to Pathfinder and update the financial strategy and any supporting scenarios. It makes the review process a breeze. “

Mr Greatbatch described the partnership as “genuinely time and cost saving for advice firms and licensees of all sizes”.

“We are eliminating double data entry as well as creating a single secure place where all client data are stored.”

“This partnership ensures advisers can, for the first time, pair Australia’s best financial strategy and modelling platform with a genuine, industry-specific data capture platform.” Mr Greatbatch said.

For more information or to try both platforms, both offer free trials go to: www.plannerpath.com.au

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