Online Payment Platform chooses ibanXS for PSD2 Open Banking

Online Payment Platform chooses ibanXS for PSD2 Open Banking

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Online Payment Platform, the payment service provider for the users of over 170 platforms and marketplaces in Europe, has chosen ibanXS as their pan-European PSD2/Open Banking-platform for Payment Initiation and Account Information Services.

Online Payment Platform’s clients can now benefit from reaching more than 1.400 European banks through the ibanXS platform, whose banking coverage is growing constantly, with the aim to reach all over 5000+ European banks.

Online Payment Platform is a platform PSP that offers specialized payment services for platforms and marketplaces. Customers include ANWB, Natuurhuisje, Kamernet, PayPal, PostNL, the eBay Classifieds Group, the Dutch “Marktplaats” and the German “eBay Kleinanzeigen”. In 2019, millions of transactions took place via Online Payment Platform.

The payment service provider from Delft initially starts with their PSD2/Open Banking products for their clients in The Netherlands and Germany, with The United Kingdom to be added soon. In the Netherlands, Online Payment Platform takes part in the “iDEAL Scheduling” – pilot from the Dutch Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB: Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau). iDEAL Scheduling is based on Payment Initiation and, with the PSD2-connections, it reaches more than 90% of the Dutch population. In Germany, they recently announced that eBay Kleinanzeigen will use their services for online payments, escrow services, and support.

Maurice Jongmans, CEO of Online Payment Platform: For us, ibanXS is an obvious choice. ibanXS focuses entirely on connecting to banks and, more importantly, maintaining those connections. That gives us the possibility to focus on our solutions for our clients on top of the rails ibanXS provides. The proverbial “1+1=3” partnership!

Edy Bruinooge, CCO of ibanXS: To go live with OPP in Germany and The Netherlands (and soon in the United Kingdom!) is a wonderful step for ibanXS. It shows that our platform is mature and that we provide reach to the banks our clients need first. If you want a bank or a country we don’t have right now, we’re able to connect them very quickly using our Dynamic Connector. For OPP, the UK is next and it won’t stop there!

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