Online Fraud Prevention Specialist Arkose Labs Secures $70 Million

Online Fraud Prevention Specialist Arkose Labs Secures $70 Million

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In a round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, online fraud and abuse prevention specialist Arkose Labs has raised $70 million in Series C funding. The San Francisco, California-based company will use the additional capital to support platform development, hire new talent, and fuel global expansion.

This week’s investment takes Arkose Labs’ total capital to $114 million. Also participating in the financing were Wells Fargo Strategic Capital and existing investors M12 and PayPal Ventures.

“With Masa and the team at Softbank, we have a partner who matches our ambition for eradicating fraud online by means of disrupting the economic ROI for bad actors,” Arkose Labs founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk said. “At Arkose Labs, we are building a portfolio of capabilities that can adapt and respond based on the fraudsters’ techniques to ensure we are maximizing the impact to them whilst minimizing any form of friction to good users.”

A Best of Show winner in its Finovate debut at FinovateSpring in 2019, Arkose Labs specializes in defending neobanks, ecommerce companies, payment firms, insurers, and other businesses against a range of cybercrimes including account takeover and both payment and new account fraud. Founded in 2015, Arkose Labs offers an authentication platform that invisibly identifies the context, behavior, and past reputation of a each request, classifying it as Authentic or Inauthentic. Authentic requests are passed on to the enterprise, while Inauthentic requests are remediated by dynamic defenses that generate continuous losses.

This is part of the company’s strategy, articulated by Gosschalk at FinovateSpring, to “break hacker economics by making it more expensive for the bad guys to get in than the data they are getting out.” He added “if you do that, they give up and move on.”

In its funding announcement, Arkose Labs highlighted a number of key milestones the company has met since its last funding – a $22 million Series B round – in March of 2020. These accomplishments include analyzing more than 15 billion online sessions last year, stopping more than four billion attacks; the opening of regional EMEA headquarters in London and a doubling of the company’s workforce. Arkose Labs also announced a number of C-suite hires over the past year, including a new Chief Operating and Financial Officer, a new Chief Product Officer, and a new Chief Security Officer and VP of Information Technology. The company also pledged to make additional hires this year to lead operations in North America, Australia, and Europe.

“With Arkose Labs’ successful expansion in the financial services industry, this signifies a continued digital shift in banking,” Gosschalk said. “(It) requires a customer-centric approach that kicks the bad guys out of online operations, while maintaining the highest levels of convenience and usability that financial services operations require.”

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