Octobank acquires earlybase

Octobank acquires earlybase

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At Octobank, we are announcing the completion of our acquisition of Earlybase, a B2B company specialized in sales and marketing outsourcing.

All of Earlybase’s team members will be integrated within Octobank, acting as our marketing and sales specialists at European level.

Bogdan Atanasiu, CEO & Founder at Octobank: “We are glad to announce that Octobank has acquired a 100% stake in Earlybase, as a strategic move to consolidate our sales and marketing strength in Europe on the long term. I am happy to extend our team with people passionate about helping other businesses in selling their products or services through state-of-the-art marketing and sales capabilities.”

František Dvořák, VP, Talent acquisition at Earlybase: “Our expertise in the sales cycle is essential for businesses that target customers located in different markets, while our marketing approach regarding the Go-to-Market strategies offers a brand awareness increase from the very beginning. The integration of your experts within Octobank’s team will support its growth goals on the fragmanted European market.”

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