Mobiquity Gears up to Step Into APAC Market With Latest Appointment

Mobiquity Gears up to Step Into APAC Market With Latest Appointment

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It is reported that the full-service digital transformation enabler Mobiquity intends to expand its operations into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

This move is being bolstered with their latest appointment of former Microsoft and IBM Director, Gustavo Quiroga, who is expected to serve as Vice President of Business Development Financial Services, APAC.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Gustavo will be responsible for strengthening Mobiquity’s global footprint, working with customers across Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

In a similar move to increase the reach of their business within the neighbouring MENA region, Mobiquity recently signed a partnership deal with Kuwait International Bank (KIB).

With extensive industry experience at Microsoft and IBM, Gustavo has managed and developed a spectrum of technology, business, and customer experience projects. His appointment is a testament to the company’s hyper-growth strategy and mission of delivering digital products and services that serve a purpose.

Gustavo Quiroga, Vice President of Business Development Financial Services APAC, Mobiquity
Gustavo Quiroga, Vice President of Business Development Financial Services APAC, Mobiquity

Speaking on his latest appointment, Gustavo Quiroga comments, “Mobiquity will grow its base in the APAC market by leveraging its strengths in Product Engineering and Delivery, User Experience, Branding, and Digital Scale to support its clients – spanning across Australia, NZ, India, ASEAN, and the Pacific.

“We will help our clients in fintech, banking and financial services build digital products and end-user experiences that serve a purpose. To deliver on this promise, we’re supporting clients from Ideation to Proof of eXperience (PoX), by applying a full range of competencies including product strategy, human-centred design, creative design, platform selection, programme management, solution architecture, delivery (product engineering services), AI, analytics and product marketing services.

“Our unique difference as a service offering is that we implement these services holistically. They are all connected to the realisation of a transformed customer experience that serves an agreed purpose. We provide a partnership for our APAC clients that moves flexibly from one function to the next, solving business frictions without losing sight of the company’s North Star.”

The expansion of Mobiquity’s service offering into APAC is supported by its existing client base from within the banking and financial sectors. Most recently, Mobiquity received a Global Banking and Finance Award for its work with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – creating a digital banking experience for the bank’s online and mobile platforms.

Matthew Williamson, the Vice President of Global Financial Services at Mobiquity added, “Our appointment of Gustavo demonstrates Mobiquity’s commitment to hiring an a-list team of talent that have far-reaching industry expertise.

‘’Over the last 6 months, we’ve hired over 100 people, including the recent high profile appointments of Howard Moore, Senior Director of Digital Banking, and Ruby Walia, Senior Advisor for Digital Baking, North America.

‘’The latest addition to the Mobiquity team supports our vision of global growth in Asia-Pacific, as a recognised partner within the banking and finance ecosystem,” concludes Matthew.

To allow their global ambitions to be as earth-friendly as possible, Mobiquity is continuing to adopt a range of ESG strategies. These were discussed at length by Matthew Williamson, the Vice President of Global Financial Services for Mobiquity, in this recent guest post for The Fintech Times.

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