Memecoin Tamadoge Is Giving Away $100,000

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Tamadoge, one of the fastest-growing meme coins today, has announced that they are giving away a $100.00 bounty for one lucky winner.

$100k Reward For One Lucky Winner

Tamadoge a moment ago announced its good deal on Twitter. A the point when the whole cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a bear market, this giveaway is one means of solution to boost the spirits of people who believe in the project. Memcoin Tamadoge is giving one lucky winner from its rising community of gamers an airdrop-type crypto incentive of up to $100.000.

How to Qualify for the Reward

To be entitled to the bounty, you should have Tama holdings equivalent to $100 on the period of the draw. So, it means that you should buy a corresponding amount of Tamadoge coins from the Tamadoge official website.

Captivatingly, Tama provides its community with nine different ways to join or enter the game, and each task offers work entry points. This is your chance to earn profit by just playing the game.

How to Get Started

To qualify, first, you are needed to hook up the giveaway page run by Gleam with your Twitter and Google+. Facebook or email account. Then, paste or enter the Tama token wallet address. After this, the platform will list inputs as tasks are done, and progress is made.

To be eligible for the $100.000 bounty, Tamaplayers should finish nine simple tasks:

  • Enter the TAMA crypto wallet address
  • Follow the TAMA Twitter account. You are also required to tweet and retweet things about Tama, and in your tweet, tagging Elon Musk is also required.
  • Join the Tama discord community
  • Join the Tama Telegram community
  • Share the Tama news with family and friends
  • Follow Tama on Instagram
  • Follow Tama on YouTube

All the tasks mentioned are aspired at raising awareness for the Tama project. After you meet the minimum requirement and when all the tasks are successfully executed, one lucky player will receive the prize money.

What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is considered one of the most excellent meme token projects today. The blockchain game is filled with non-fungible tokens and play-to-earn features and runs utilizing its native crypto, known as TAMA.

The central part of the Tamaverse game is about digital pets, which you can collect, breed as well as fight with. The objective is for you to take care of Tama’s pets and keep them healthy and happy. In the end, you can employ the pet to play one of several games available and move up your levels to make game points known as dogepoints.

Participants with a lot of dogepoints earned at the end of every month will get a free Tama coin that serves as a prize.

At the time of writing, the Tama coin has a price of $0.0218 with a 24-hour average trading volume of $954.117. The pets and other in-game collectibles or items are also non-fungible tokens that you can exchange for cash, or you can use them for in-game procurements.

In other words, aside from the remarkable and immersive gaming experience, you also have the chance to earn passive profit as well as have fun and thrill while at it. You can earn a considerable amount of money while enjoying the game.

Utility Will Make Tama the Next Big Thing

One considerable criticism of accessible meme coins, like Shiba Inu, is that they are deficient in utility. With no application conditions, there were hesitations concerning the prospective of Shiba Inu to become a dogecoin killer.

On the other hand, the team behind the TAMA knows that utility will drive the coin and has built an immersive gaming experience as well as a deflationary coin to match. Tamadoge coin has one of the most remarkable presales, raising more than $19M in just a matter of eight weeks.

On the 10th of November current year, the coin was listed on the popular centralized exchange, allowing millions more crypto traders and investors access to the huge potential of the Tama ecosystem. This good news comes after other remarkable and high-profile listings on other renowned exchanges such as LBank, OKX as well as MECX Global.

Do you want to know more about the reward? Please feel free to visit the Tamadoge website or contact the customer hotline number.

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