Kynetix ship new platform to speed up post-trade reconciliation of listed deerivatives

Kynetix ship new platform to speed up post-trade reconciliation of listed deerivatives

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Established financial software provider Kynetix has launched a new cloud-based solution to help FCMs and brokers address the challenges found in reconciling listed derivatives.

‘Getting to nought faster’ was the brief for reconciliation platform HelloZero

Designed to work with exchanges and clearing houses as well as clients and counterparties, HelloZero is positioned to fill the gap between complex legacy solutions and the ‘spreadsheet’ approach still used by many brokers.

The platform has been designed from the ground up to handle the complexities presented by ETD and OTC derivatives including dealing with the various changes associated with options.

Matt Dolton, CEO of Kynetix commented that ‘Many companies are recognising the need for greater automation in back-office functions. HelloZero handles all of the complex requirements that FCMs and brokers need, and is designed to be practical and simple to operate, with implementation in weeks, rather than months.’

The launch comes at a time when there is increasing pressure on FCMs to improve reconciliation against a backdrop of greater complexity and higher trade volumes.

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