Israeli equity crowdfunder Investination opens in the US

Israeli equity crowdfunder Investination opens in the US

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InvestiNation, an equity crowdfunding platform that provides access to some of Israel’s most promising startups, is now open to U.S. accredited investors, company executives announced.

The online platform offers proprietary investment opportunities with Israeli companies in fintech, proptech, contech, medtech, edtech, enterprise software, and other burgeoning fields. It also features in-depth research and market knowledge via interactive tools including podcasts and webinars.

A Besadno group member, InvestiNation is led by CEO Oded Eliashiv, who is also managing partner of affiliate companies B-Seed and BuiltUp Ventures; Eli Gross, founder of Besadno and managing partner of B-Seed and BuiltUp Ventures; and Amos Meron, who has invested in more than 20 startups throughout his career.

“The InvestiNation team utilizes its on-the-ground experience, extensive due diligence process, and cutting-edge methodologies to identify the most promising companies among hundreds of emerging Israeli startups, and helps guide them along an accelerated path of growth and success,” Eliashiv said. “With COVID-19 changing how people invest, perhaps permanently, our platform enables global capital investors to easily access the best of what the Startup Nation has to offer.”

Accredited investors can choose to participate in individual startup companies, venture funds, or a managed index fund through InvestiNation. The platform is initially offering access to six innovative Israeli tech companies:

* Augmind creates 3D content for mobile, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications

* Enerjoy is a machine learning and gamification solution that motivates employees to meet company sales targets and goals

* MyTower is an online property management platform for building managers and occupants

* SolidBlock utilizes asset tokenization to transform real estate into a tradable financial product

* Trusstor is a next-generation solution for construction management, creating a safer and more productive working environment

* StructShare is an online platform that automates the entire purchasing and material handling workflows for contractors, while connecting suppliers and streamlining communication

Venture funds available through the platform include BuiltUp Ventures, a Tel Aviv- and New York-based venture capital firm that invests in innovative, early-stage proptech and contech startups.

“In addition to investing financially in our partner companies, the InvestiNation team takes an active role in developing and implementing strong go-to-market resources and strategies. Serving as mentors, we leverage our extensive investment expertise, company-building skills, and in-depth market knowledge to facilitate a startup’s success,” Gross said.

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