Indian educational campuses go cashless with YES Bank

Indian educational campuses go cashless with YES Bank

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YES BANK has empowered eight leading educational campuses by enabling digitization across India through cashless payment solutions.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, the Bank has successfully partnered and helped the institutions achieve their vision of going cashless, while enabling payment of fees and other campus expenses through secure digital solutions.

The innovative solutions have helped in reducing the turnaround time for transaction processing and are in-line with Bank’s strategy of building a transformed ‘Digital Bank’. The Bank aims to provide convenient and seamless payment experience through a mix of solutions including offline UPI (Unified Payments Interface) having VPA (Virtual Payment Address), QR Code based payments (Scan-and-Pay), dynamic VPA based collections and Payment Gateway options.

The Bank has fully equipped the following campuses with technology and created an eco-system to go 100% cashless.

Emmanuel English Higher Secondary School – Silchar, Assam

New Oxford School – Silchar, Assam

Shri Ram Centennial School – Agra

Uttam Institute of Management Studies – Agra

G. D. Goenka Public School – Agra

Mussoorie International School – Mussoorie

Whistling Woods International – Mumbai

Silver Bells English Medium School – Nashik

Benefits of the solution:

Payments and transactions can be done round-the-clock basis the convenience of the individual, from the safety and comfort of their homes through any UPI App

Eliminates the use of cash for collections of fees, especially during the COVID-19 situation

Seamless VPA/QR code-based transaction without the need to integrate with any payment system

Cost effective for institutions, as the transaction cost is nil and cash handling charges are eliminated

Fully secure, as it eliminates the need to enter bank details or any other sensitive information like Account Number or Debit Card details for every transaction

Dashboard provided to the institutions for reconciliation of various MIS, transaction updates and reports

Speaking on the development, Ritesh Pai, Chief Digital Officer, YES BANK, said, “YES BANK is privileged to help the institutions in the journey of transforming their campuses into a truly cashless ecosystem. Digitizing educational institutions will encourage students to adopt digital payments in their formative years and gradually transform India into a digitally empowered society. The solutions are a step towards revolutionizing the payments infrastructure across education campuses in India. We look forward to collaborating with other institutions for many more similar innovative digital initiatives.”

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