Singapore Fintech B2B Startups Are Invited to Pitch for Potential Deals and Funding in Hong Kong

Singapore Fintech B2B Startups Are Invited to Pitch for Potential Deals and Funding in Hong Kong

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In its fifth edition, the flagship industry conference Hong Kong FinTech Week this year is launching a unique Global Fast Track Programme to help worldwide including Singapore innovative technology companies connect with the leading financial institutions, investors and regulators in Hong Kong.

Selected candidates will have a rare opportunity to pitch their solution directly to senior executives of Corporate Champions, including AMTD Group, Hong Kong Exchange, Microsoft, and also regulators including Hong Kong Monetary Authority. The program is free to participate in with an application deadline on 31 August 2020.

Successful applicants will be matched for one-to-one video meetings, designed to deepen discussions around opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and business deals. The best of the best are invited to pitch at Hong Kong Fintech Week in front of a panel of investors, for a chance to win up to USD 1 million of investment commitment, subject to due diligence.

The Global Fast Track Programme focuses on eight key FinTech verticals: Capital Markets, Payments, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, WealthTech, RegTech, Insurance and Trade Finance. Global FinTech companies are invited to apply online now – the programme is completely free to participate in and it can be completed virtually online from anywhere in the world.


Fintech Hong Kong Week Fast Track program

The Fast Track program is also supported by InvestHK, the government department attracting Foreign Direct Investment and leading Hong Kong FinTech Week. InvestHK assists worldwide FinTech companies to launch in Hong Kong, such as the introduction of landing supports from the HKSAR government. Each eligible company can apply for the support from USD 111,000 up to USD 2.6 million, no matter if the Fast Track application is successful or not.

Under the pandemic, the Hong Kong government provides strong funding support (up to USD 49 billion) to allow the FinTech industry to stay resilient. The innovation and technology support, business support measures and overseas expansion support are aimed for international companies to fast-track the next success in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong FinTech Week will come to its fifth edition between 2-6 November 2020. This year, the organisers will aim to completely reinvent the previous event experience in Hong Kong by providing access to online sessions from anywhere in the world. With over 25,000 expected attendees from 70+ economies, Hong Kong FinTech Week 2020 will be facilitating business exchange and focusing on major trends in the FinTech industry in Hong Kong, Asia, and globally.

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