Fundsquire’s new portal enables clients to simplify and accelerate their funding application

Fundsquire’s new portal enables clients to simplify and accelerate their funding application

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Fundsquire aims to disrupt the existing R&D tax incentive financing model by creating the most easy to use and fastest process on the market. Through their new client portal, Fundsquire’s customers will be able to file an application, connect their accounting system and see the status of their application in just a few easy clicks. The integrated system also allows clients to access R&D funding in half the time.

Fundsquire’s founder, Damien Petty said, “The platform makes both the funding process faster for our borrowers, along with removing the monthly reporting requirements from our current clients. We’re at a point now that our records are more accurate than ever before, enabling us to focus on getting our customers the right funding with less of the admin work.”

The R&D finance market is currently overwhelmingly a pen and paper business that often involves a lot of complex touchpoints with clients from the application stage on to the due diligence phase through to funding and oversight of the loan until the payout. This has historically been a huge pain point for customers and this tangle of communication and paperwork is what Fundsquire has solved with their integrated client platform.

Beta users of the platform were impressed by the speed of processing. Using the platform reduced processing times by 50% and simplified every step on the way to funding and beyond.

Accessing funding through Fundsquire’s portal is the next stage in R&D Finance, bringing the category into its rightfully deserved place in the ranks of FinTech.

To apply, simply go to Fundsquire’s website, fill in the application form and the team will get you set up in minutes.

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