FrontStream Payments, Salesforce partner to streamline employee charitable donations

FrontStream Payments, Salesforce partner to streamline employee charitable donations

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FrontStream Payments has integrated its disbursement services with the Philanthropy Cloud in a move it says should help corporations drive employee engagement in giving through an easier process for making donations.

Through the integration, Salesforce allows a company employee to select from different payment alternatives for donations, including credit card, debit card, payroll deductions, ACH, personal checks or stock transfers.

When an employee selects an option, Salesforce transfers the information via API integration to FrontStream Payments in real-time. FrontStream then processes the transactions and distributes the donations to more than 1.7 million vetted charities throughout North America.

“An employee can select a one-time donation, typically via a credit card, debit card or stock transfer,” said Kevin Gallagher, general manager of Reston, Va.-based FrontStream Payments. “Alternatively, they can set up a recurring donation through a card payment or payroll deduction. Those recurring options include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly annually or per payroll cycle.”

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Salesforce provides all corporations and employees with a dashboard to view their employee giving and volunteering to provide an overall view of corporate impact, Gallagher added.

“FrontStream Payments provides a portal for all charities to access their donation amounts, as well as the specific donors that contributed,” he said.

Various social platforms and payment providers have created consumer-facing donations apps, including Facebook, Pushpay, Goodboxand In/PACT for online bank platforms.

But FrontStream Payments concentrates on employee donation distribution, saying it processes billions of dollars in business and charitable transactions each year. It provides PCI-compliant tokenization technology to ensure security of sensitive data at rest and in flight.

FrontStream Payments’ customizable open platform integrates advanced charity search, giving, secure payment processing and distribution into any workflow, product or website.

“Philanthropy Cloud enables a new era of giving, providing employees access to a network of validated opportunities to donate to, volunteer with and advocate for the causes that matter most to them,” Nick Bailey, general manager of Philanthropy Cloud, said in a press release. “The FrontStream Payments integration supports this mission by delivering a robust charitable distribution platform.”

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