FinTech Scotland names FCA regulator Nicola Anderson as CEO

FinTech Scotland names FCA regulator Nicola Anderson as CEO

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FinTech Scotland, the cluster leadership body, has confirmed the appointment of Nicola Anderson as the new chief executive officer

Nicola has been on secondment from the FCA for two years and most recently been the interim chief executive when Stephen Ingledew stepped into a new position of Executive Chair in November 2020

Prior to joining FinTech Scotland on secondment in October 2018, Nicola was a senior regulator at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Nicola also brings experience from working for small enterprises and larger institutions, with a focus on customer experience and operational change.

FinTech Scotland announcement comes as it reaches its third anniversary and the continued growth of the fintech SME community over the last twelve months by 31 firms to a total of 150 firms

Over the three years since FinTech Scotland was formed in January 2018, the innovative fintech SME community had grown from 26 firms to 150 firms today.

The growing strength and breadth of the fintech community and cluster has been accelerated over the past twelve months with additional milestone achievements for the FinTech Scotland cluster, including;

Continued investment funding in Scottish fintech SME’s and on a par with 2019 levels

Being the first UK fintech body to be recognised for cluster management excellence recognition by the European Cluster Accreditation Body.

In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, securing Innovate UK multi-million funding for the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence, to enable research and innovation through financial data, another first for the UK

Founding member of a Europe wide fintech hubs collaboration group involving sixteen fintech centres across the continent to support international inward investment and exports

These milestones and the growing number of fintech SME’s along with the breath of global strategic partners supporting FinTech Scotland, continue to demonstrate the innovative, collaborative and inclusive impact of the fintech cluster.

Executive Chair of FinTech Scotland, Stephen Ingledew said:

“I’m delighted Nicola has accepted the role of chief executive and is deserved recognition of her valuable contribution since joining the team. I would like to thank the FCA for their ongoing collaboration through over the last two years. I am looking forward to supporting Nicola take Fintech Scotland on to the new stage of its exciting journey”

Commenting on her appointment Nicola Anderson said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be appointed into this role and for the opportunity to further the great work already achieved by FinTech Scotland. Joining the team has reinforced my passion for entrepreneurial innovation and how it can benefit citizens and the economy. I’m very much looking forward to championing the fintech community and cluster through innovation, collaboration and inclusiveness.”

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