Decisive Capital Management signs WealthTech licensing deal with New Access

Decisive Capital Management signs WealthTech licensing deal with New Access

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New Access, the wealth management and private banking software company, is proud to announce the signature of a license agreement with Decisive Capital Management SA.

Decisive Capital Management SA is an independent, Next -Generation financial advisor providing services exclusively to sophisticated ultra-high net worth individuals, families, and institutional investors. Established since 2016 in Geneva, Decisive has more than 70 professionals in Switzerland and in the UK to strengthen its worldwide presence across strategic international locations. In early 2021, the company opened a new office in Zurich and has over $4.3 billion of assets under supervision.

Recently, Decisive was awarded as winner for the “Direct Investment Program” Team category at the Wealthbriefing Swiss EAM awards 2021.

Following a comprehensive review of solutions providers, Decisive Capital Management SA has selected New Access to support its firm’s operations. This platform conversion will strategically advance Decisive’s core capabilities in handling their clients’ current and emerging needs by moving its Core system, Portfolio Management System and Digital activity to a single, integrated global platform, reducing complexity. Combined with New Access’ Client Lifecycle Management System “Banker’s Front”, the Core-to-Digital solution enhances process automation and standardization, allowing the Bank to deliver an improved digital journey to its Relationship Managers and clients.

Elie Chamat, CEO of Decisive Capital Management, says “Decisive is a next-generation, ultra-high net worth advisor. We are growing fast on all levels: investment opportunities, assets, and clients. And we set the bar very high, both for ourselves and our business partners. Today, we are partnering with New Access to accelerate our digital transformation and we are sure its dynamic and forward-thinking, best-in-class platform is the right match for us to service our clients. When our clients win, we win.”

Vincent Jeunet, CEO of New Access, comments “ We are proud that Decisive Capital Management decided to pursue its digital transformation journey with us. The key focus of New Access is to help wealth management organizations and private banks manage their business models in the simplest and most cost-effective ways by providing their bankers and clients with the best-in-class solutions. “

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