Dash 2 Trade is Seeing a Massive Flow in Buyers Due to the FTX Bankruptcy Crisis

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This cryptocurrency trading signals platform is experiencing a massive surge of buyers following the FTX bankruptcy crisis. Do you want to know the reason why? Continue reading!

Today, the Dash 2 Trade token has a massive increase in the sale of more than $6.6M million at the time of writing, with the trading intelligence platform seeing a considerable increase in interest in the midst of the bankruptcy crisis, which the FTX crypto exchange is experiencing. With the trading platform on course to run out three of its presale, it seems that the crypto market commotion has highlighted the value for a lot of investors and traders of having real-time market assessment as well as social trading information.

Dash 2 Trade is based on Ethereum and is due to instigating the bête version of its platform in the first month of 2023, which is also when its native token will get its first exchange listings. Because of this, new functionality will be included in its dashboard daily, giving investors and traders alike an affluent of information to draw upon when deciding to invest.

As summarized in its whitepaper, D2T will give an expanding set of real-time market methodical and social trading information. Together, these will assist investors in making their own tactics and making investment options based on sound and solid information.

D2T features take account of:

  • Trading signals to point out buy and sell opportunities
  • Technique-building and social trading tools
  • Social response metrics and on-chain study to determine trending tokens
  • Access to crypto presales and alerts to new cryptocurrency exchange listings
  • Feeds of the updated news about Dash 2 Trade.

The bankruptcy turmoil the FTX crypto exchange is experiencing has highlighted the pressing call for such tools, with the market lingering in an extremely volatile condition following the collapse of this trading platform, even worsened in the past couple of days, with other firms as well as platforms at risk of fall down. And with BlockFi allegedly preparing for bankruptcy, the crypto market is due additional massive losses.

The existing hypersensitivity of the crypto market means that traders and investors would gain from having entry to real-time information and the latest news so that they are able to stay ahead of any possible sell-offs. Conversely, when broader economic states improve, and the crypto market becomes optimistic and bullish, D2T platforms guarantee to assist them in keeping ahead of rallies.

Dash 2 Trade provides free to use version; thus far, investors will have to subscribe to any tiers in order to access the features.

For only 400 Dash 2 Trade monthly, the Starter Tier gives access to different social channels, strategy-building utilities, automated trading, etc. And for only 1,000 Dash 2 Trade a month, the Premium Tier sets off such tools with whale wallet alerts, on-chain information, as well as professional grade market signals or indicators.

The excellence of D2T tools and features is pointed out by its team. This is the same team accountable for Learn2Trade- which is the renowned foreign exchange signals company that has a community of approximately 70,000 active investors and traders.

Dash 2 Trade ( D2T) is on its way to developing this community, with its social media account already boasting more than 44,000 followers. This is in spite of its opening this account a few weeks ago.

D2T Presale Gains

If you are interested in participating in the Dash 2 Trade token for sale, all you need to do is to visit the official website of the Dash 2 Trade and connect their Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallets. You can also participate in the sale by using Tether USDT or Ethereum (ETH) to buy this token.

As mentioned above, Dash 2 Trade is due to list on cryptocurrency exchanges in the first months of 2023. It has already confirmed listings from LBANK and BitMart Exchange that are good going for a project, which launched its presale a few months ago.

All this suggests that Dash 2 Trade is nicely set up to record big gains when it is listed. Some presale tokens have comfortably packed down the market at this point, and with D2T serving a real market requirement, it has the basis to go far.

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