BlockShow returns as partner to Singapore central bank’s fintech event

BlockShow returns as partner to Singapore central bank’s fintech event

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BlockShow, one of the largest blockchain events in the blockchain and crypto industry, will curate discussions around blockchain and cryptocurrency for a five-day hybrid online and offline event hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The event runs from Dec. 7–11 and the attendees will have 24-hour online access to the conferences.

As a “Knowledge Partner” of the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2020, BlockShow will bring some of the best blockchain leaders to discuss blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The discussions spanning blockchain and crypto are expected to expose the global fintech community to this new technological landscape. And it will potentially spark further innovation and adoption of the technology across the fintech industry.

The 2019 Singapore FinTech Festival was a great success with over 60,000 attendees from 140 countries consisting of government officials, banks, corporates, startups and investors.

In July, BlockShow also organized an online blockchain and cryptocurrency conference called Unitize that attracted more than 10,000 attendees. Several of the top industry leaders including the likes of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the former United States CFTC chairman Chris Giancarlo were a part of the speaker line-up.

While Unitize was primarily focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, MAS’s FinTech Festival covers financial technology on a broader scale. By bringing blockchain and crypto discussions to mainstream FinTech forums, BlockShow will significantly promote blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies.

The Singapore central bank and the government has been a frontrunner in blockchain innovation, and the collaboration with BlockShow only adds to their efforts to forward the adoption of blockchain technology.

MAS chief fintech officer Sopnendu Mohanty said that combining forces with BlockShow for the blockchain and crypto segment of the event will help bring a strong line-up of industry leaders. He said that the insights from the discussions “will foster further collaboration on the use of blockchain, to support business objectives and pandemic recovery into 2021.”

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