Bitcoin banknote project appoints designer of Swiss franc and former US mint director to board

Bitcoin banknote project appoints designer of Swiss franc and former US mint director to board

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Noteworthy, the premier architect of bitcoin banknotes, today announced that it has enlisted several industry experts to add deep design, production, and distribution experience to the Company’s rapid growth.

Manuela Pfrunder, designer of the ninth series Swiss Franc, former U.S. Mint Director Edmund Moy, IDEMIA Executive Vice President Philippe Barreau, and former Pixelworks CEO and COO Hans Olsen and are among Noteworthy’s newest team members.

With more than 20 years of experience in visual communication, consulting, and the analysis of banknote design and culture, Manuela Pfrunder will join Noteworthy as Chief Design Officer. Ms. Pfunder studied graphic design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and has since been working as an independent graphic designer, specializing in information design and visual communication. In 2005, she participated in a Swiss National Bank (SNB) competition to design the new Swiss banknote, where she was selected to create the ninth series Swiss Franc. Ms. Pfunder also received the IBNS Bank Note of the Year Award by the International Bank Note Society in 2016.

“It is incredibly exciting to work with Larry Felix, the former Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Co-Founder Peter Vessenes, and other remarkable professionals from the fintech industry,” said Ms. Pfrunder. “The project presents new challenges and groundbreaking opportunities in the traditional banknote printing industry. Combining the digital world with traditional printing is inspiring and I am honored to bring my experience in conceptualization, design, and printing of banknotes.”

Hans Olsen joins Noteworthy as Executive Vice President, where he brings more than 35 years of executive leadership in the semiconductor industry. Mr. Olsen was the co-founder of Electronic Designs Inc and iChips, and served as CEO and COO of Pixelworks (PXLW), Vice President of Avnera, and COO of Indice Semiconductor. Recent C-level experience and board service extends into cryptocurrency markets with a focus on blockchain, Bitcoin mining, and investment advisory with New Alchemy, Capital6, and several others.

The team is rounded out by IDEMIA Executive Vice President Philippe Barreau and former U.S. Mint Director Edmund Moy, who will serve as board members and advisors to the project. Mr. Barreau is the Executive Vice President and Head of the Public Security and Identity Business Unit at IDEMIA. He has held leading positions at several global companies in Europe and Asia, and in January 2020 he was elected Chairman of the board of the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA). Edmund Moy served as the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint from 2006 to 2011, where he oversaw the launch of popular modern US coins including the 20th Anniversary Silver and Gold Eagles, the 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold $20, and the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

“We are thrilled to add these team members to the Noteworthy roster,” said Noteworthy CEO Larry Felix. “It’s great news for all who want to see Bitcoin trading evolve in a more transparent and secure direction. With Manuela, Hans, Philippe, and Edmund, Noteworthy will be able to deliver on our promise of using next-generation technology to combine the expertise and security from paper, chip, and blockchain to empower our customers to become more involved with this incredibly exciting industry.”

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