BBVA moves market data network to AWS

BBVA moves market data network to AWS

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BBVA has moved its market data distribution network to Amazon Web Services, providing an at-scale platform for the equity markets area of its Corporate & Investment Banking unit that is capable of handling increasingly vast volumes of data

‘BBVA C-Fit’ combines technologies such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka with Bloomberg’s B-Pipe, to render real-time direct access to market data over the cloud.

The new platform hosts all the processes of the equity desks related to the marking and management of market data used to set prices or manage book risk, and may also be used for mass pricing of products for their distribution through electronic channels.

“Cloud adoption in the financial industry has evolved such that access to reliable, high quality data delivered in real-time is the new baseline,” says Cory Albert, global head of cloud strategy for Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data business. “With worry-free cloud access to B-Pipe’s market data, BBVA’s development teams can focus on scaling their projects to provide analytics that would be difficult to attain in an on-premises environment.”

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