New Pensions Dashboard timeline sticks to 2023 launch, but shows signs of slippage

New Pensions Dashboard timeline sticks to 2023 launch, but shows signs of slippage

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Several key milestones of the project, including mass consumer testing, are now due to land in 2022.

New Pensions Dashboard timeline sticks to 2023 launch, but shows signs of slippage

Image source: Chris Curry/Pensions Dashboard Programme.

After quietly delaying the Pensions Dashboard by a whole year as part of 2020’s ‘indicative timeline’ for the project, a new ‘updated indicative’ timeline has now been published which further delays key parts of the project.

Originally conceived by Chancellor George Osborne back in 2016, the Pensions Dashboard is designed to give consumers an overview of all their various pensions in one place—however, the ambitious project had to be rebooted in 2019 after reaching its intended launch date with no dashboard in sight.

Yesterday as part of the Pensions Dashboards’ six-monthly update a third new timeline was revealed, which maintains the Spring/Summer 2023 launch goal, but pushes back several earlier sections.

Above: 2021’s new ‘updated indicative’ timeline.

Above: 2020’s original ‘indicative’ timeline.

It appears that Phase 1 ‘Programme set-up and planning’, originally intended to run “From 2020”, will now stretch into Autumn 2021.

Much of Phase 2 ‘Develop and test Phase’, originally intended to run “From 2021”, has been pushed into Winter 2021 and the following year, leading up to a busy 2022 where the vast majority of the overall project’s milestones are now due.

You can see the full detail of the new timeline here, including the pacing of key milestones within the 5 Phases.

Chris Curry, principal of the Pensions Dashboard Programme at the Money and Pensions Service, described the new timeline as important to “add further detail” for industry participants.

For now Curry says the timeline is achievable and the goal of compulsory staged onboarding of pensions providers in Spring/Summer 2023 is still in sight—although the ‘updated indicative’ timeline only says this onboarding will “commence” in 2023.

“The programme remains on track against the indicative timeline that we published in our last progress update report,” Curry wrote in the progress update report.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Pensions Dashboard Programme is in the midst of a herculean task—connecting some 52m UK adults with over 40,000 pensions providers and pensions schemes.

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