Bunq, Scalable Capital, CrowdProperty and LendInvest among FT’s fastest-growing European companies in 2021

Bunq, Scalable Capital, CrowdProperty and LendInvest among FT’s fastest-growing European companies in 2021

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More than 32 fintechs, including 16 from the UK, appeared on the Financial Times’ 2021 FT 1000 list.

Bunq, Scalable Capital, CrowdProperty and LendInvest among FT’s fastest-growing European companies in 2021

Image source: Sun Finance.

Fintech once again has a starring role in the Financial Times’ FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, despite OakNorth being knocked from the top spot this year.

The alternative lender still ranked 111th, but with UK energy provider Bulb dethroning it from the No.1 position.

Among the list are more than 32 fintechs, including Latvian online lender Sun Finance ranked second place behind Bulb with revenue of over €101m in 2019 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 750 per cent.

There were at least 16 UK fintechs on the list too, including Landbay (No.12, 2019 revenue of €9.1m, CAGR of 283 per cent), CrowdProperty (No.134, 2019 revenue of €1.9m, CAGR of 122.9 per cent), Capital On Tap (No.216, 2019 revenue of €82.8m, CAGR of 99.9 per cent) and LendInvest (No.902, 2019 revenue of €123.8m, CAGR of 39.4 per cent).

Across the continent, top fintech names to make the cut included Bunq (No.15, 2019 revenue of €8.8m, CAGR of 280 per cent), Scalable Capital (No.17, 2019 revenue of €7m, CAGR of 271 per cent) and Northmill Bank (No.666, 2019 revenue of €44.1m, CAGR of 50.2 per cent).

The discrete category of fintech accounts for 32 companies on the 1,000 company list, but when combined with financial services (which includes OakNorth and GoHenry) the number jumps to a total of 70 companies.

Technology remains the largest category of businesses overall, with 218 companies included, although all the companies we’ve listed above are not covered under this category.

According to the publication, an overwhelming majority of companies on the FT 1000 list in 2021 are here for the first time, with just 314 having appeared in last year’s ranking.

London remains the city with the greatest number of fast-growing companies on the list, 71, ahead of Paris (46) and Milan (36).

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