Fintech Germany Award Announces Its Winners for 2020

Fintech Germany Award Announces Its Winners for 2020

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The Fintech Germany Award has announced its list of winners for the year 2020 where outstanding fintechs from various categories are recognized and honored by their peers.

The award was organized by Frankfurt Main Finance, TechFluence and the WM Group/Börsen-Zeitung since the year 2015.

The categories that were up for grabs were; Seed Stage, Early Stage, Late Stage, Growth Stage, Best foreign fintech in the German market, Insurtech, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

For the selection process the jury evaluated the finalists in their individual company phases, both of fintech and insurtech categories, according to various criteria.

The following are the winners of Fintech Germany awards 2020:

Seed Stage: Tangany

TanganyTangany is a white-label blockchain custody provider. Your reliable solution for digital assets & tokenization projects.

Early Stage: Myos

MyosMyos offers merchants a radically new form of fast and easy working capital financing: Focused on trading goods, AI- and data-driven, without annuities or personal guarantees.

Late Stage: Penta

PentaPenta is the digital platform for business banking aimed at SMEs and startups.

Growth Stage: Raisin

RaisinRaisin is the leading pan-European wealth management platform, connecting retail customers with financial institutions looking to expand or diversify their deposit reach.

Foreign New Entrant to Germany: Qonto

QontoQonto is a French neobank for freelancers and SMEs.

Insurtech: Getsafe

GetsafeGetsafe is a fully digital insurance company that helps people cover themselves and their universe simply from their smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence: Hawk AI

Hawk AIHAWK:AI brings a fresh approach to fighting financial crime by focusing on transaction and consumer monitoring in real-time, bringing together best data sources and recommending operator actions with a self learning system in a cost efficient cloud delivery model.

Blockchain: Cashlink

CashlinkWith its blockchain-based infrastructure, Cashlink enables the issuing of digital securities. For professional investors, the company creates flexible, easily transferable corporate shares regulated under German law in the form of a profit participation right.

Featured image credit: FintechGermany Twitter

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