Credit and Prepaid Card Issuer Cornèr Bank Group Reaches Key Digital Transformation Milestone by Transitioning to Improved Platform

Credit and Prepaid Card Issuer Cornèr Bank Group Reaches Key Digital Transformation Milestone by Transitioning to Improved Platform

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Cornèr Bank Group, an established issuer of credit and prepaid cards to individuals and companies across Europe, has reportedly reached a key milestone in its digital transformation efforts by successfully migrating its card portfolios across all products and markets to an advanced and more consolidated solution.

Vestigo is a European software application provider that’s focused on cards and account-to-account payments solutions, and its card management system (CMS) is the main component of the solution now available at Cornèr.

Cornèr Bank Group issues over 2.1 million credit and prepaid, Visa, Mastercard and Diners cards directly and via strategic partnerships with many different organizations by leveraging a B2B2C / co-brand business model.

The new solution, which is managed in-house on a single instance, should further enhance innovation and the  quality of service to Cornèr Bank Group’s business partners and cardholders. It may also improve internal efficiency.

Vestigo’s integrated, modular, multi-everything service is customer-centric, and is able to manage all types of cards, along with handling account-to-account payments. It enables easy integration by leveraging over 200 APIs.

This large-scale implementation and migration has been specifically designed to lower risk and consisted of several different phases that were taking into account requirements for different markets, products and legacy systems.

Ing. Vittorio Cornaro, CEO at Cornèr Bank Group, stated:

“Partnering with a trusted partner like Vestigo helps us modernize and consolidate our pan-European card business, which is the key step of our strategy to transform Cornèr into an agile bank delighting our clients and partners every day with best-in-class products and services”

Simone Tettamanti, CIO at Cornèr Banca, remarked:

“This complex, large-scale project was an excellent example of two organizations working together successfully as trusted partners towards a common goal, using agile approach. This modern platform will facilitate Cornèr’s business growth and provide us with flexibility to adjust to evolving customer requirements in the future.”

Kata Kamenski, CEO and Co-founder at Vestigo, added:

“We’re incredibly proud to work with Cornèr, as this further validates Vestigo’s functionality fit, as well as delivery ability fit with sophisticated, innovative financial institutions. Vestigo continues growing strongly, driven by its differentiating capability to drive convergence across cards and account-to-account payments. Our solution is scalable and can be deployed as on-prem, cloud installation or SaaS.”

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